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Partially recessed electric wall fireplace

A stylish electric wall fireplace that is partially built into the wall. When a wall-mounted electric fireplace is built half or partly into the wall, you have the option of, more or less, hiding the backbox and the heating module. Therefore, this solution presents a lifelike look. It is comparable to the installation from the newer flat-screen TVs.

The fireplace is built-in by cutting a hole in the desired wall or wall. Follow the installation instructions for the given electric fireplace so that it is installed according to the correct installation dimensions.

It is also possible to have an electric wall fireplace that hangs freely from the wall or a completely built-in model. See all our wall-mounted models here.

Partly Wall hanging electric fireplace

Products - Partially recessed electric fireplaces

    • Isle Three-Sided Electric Fireplace
      Isle Three-Sided Electric Fireplace

      Isle Three-sided Electric Fireplace

      from £999
      Item number: ELP-80-101

      How To Install A Partially Recessed Electric Fireplace

      When installing a partially built-in electric wall fireplace, a hole must be cut in the wall to conceal most of the back box and heating module, resembling the sleek appearance of wall-mounted flat-screen TVs. While only a portion of the electric fireplace becomes built-in, the wall helps to enhance the elegance by concealing parts of the technology.

      To install, follow the provided instructions that detail the external dimensions of the fireplace for determining the hole size. Typically, you may need to add a few millimeters to ensure the best fit.

      Since it's not fully recessed, the depth of the wall hole is limited to accommodate only the back box and parts of the heating module. Carefully review the installation guide before cutting into the wall. Consider the heat emission pattern; some units emit heat at the top, front, or bottom. For bottom-emitting units, ensure installation at least 50 centimeters above the floor.

      Once installed and partially concealed, this fireplace model offers plenty of joy and beauty to your space.

      What is A Partially Recessed Electric Fireplace?

      A partially recessed electric fireplace is a subset of wall-mounted fireplaces designed to install a section of the fireplace frame into the wall. This option is ideal for rooms with limited space, where a fully built-in fireplace might not fit due to narrow walls.

      This configuration offers a stylish appearance, making the fireplace easily visible while occupying minimal room space. Additionally, it enhances the interior design of the home and provides an extra layer of support to prevent accidental dislodging.

      Electric Fireplaces: Why Have It Recessed Into A Wall

      Opting for a partially recessed electric fireplace can be a savvy way to maximize space while elevating your home's aesthetic appeal. With the back of the fireplace concealed, it seamlessly integrates into your interior design, offering a polished look.

      If you prefer a fireplace without the need for recessing into a wall, explore our extensive collection of wall-mounted electric fires. These options boast similar benefits and charming designs.

      For example, consider our Stylus Steinfeld Electric Fireplace, featuring a sleek dark finish, heating capabilities, and various flame colors. If you desire a luxurious, fully recessed fireplace resembling a picture on the wall, our Premier Slim Electric Fireplace is an excellent choice. Available in multiple sizes and purely decorative, it adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

      With our diverse range of wall-mounted electric fireplaces, the possibilities are endless. Instead of reading about them, we invite you to explore our selection firsthand and discover the perfect fit for your home.

      Where To Buy Partially Recessed Electric Fireplace

      Partially recessed electric fires are readily available at various retailers and online stores catering to enthusiasts of innovative fireplace designs. Visit our physical showroom at:

      Greenwich Business Park, Unit 7, 53 Norman Road, London, SE10 9QF

      Alternatively, explore our wide selection of accessible and reputable brands on this website. If you're unsure which fireplace best suits your needs or have specific questions, don't hesitate to schedule an online presentation with us. This personalized session allows us to address all your inquiries and showcase the fireplace you're interested in, making it especially convenient if you're not located near our showroom.