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Electric wood-burning stove

An electric fireplace disguised as a wood-burning stove seems the correct description for these fireplaces. This is not a real fireplace for wood, but an electric fireplace. This means that the fireplace requires neither chimneys nor ventilation. All you need is an electric socket.

It is an elegant solution when you want a fireplace and the cosiness it gives to a home, but are not able to build a regular fireplace for wood. That is why use is easier, and you don’t need to spend time chopping wood or cleaning.

A characteristic of the electric wood-burner style stove is that it is a free-standing electric fire. It is typically made in black and often made to stand near a wall, which makes it easier to hide the wire and wall socket. Find all our electric freestanding fireplaces here.

Learn more about Electric wood-burning stove here.

Electric fireplace stove


    • Water fireplace Stockbridge in black
      Water fireplace Stockbridge in black

      Stockbridge Hybrid Fireplace - Black

      Item number: HYB-10-045
    • Hereford Traditional Electric Fireplace
      Hereford Traditional Electric Fireplace

      Hereford Traditional Electric Fireplace

      Item number: ELP-80-137
    • Wiltshire Traditional Electric Fireplace
      Wiltshire Traditional Electric Fireplace

      Wiltshire Traditional Electric Fireplace

      Item number: ELP-80-138
    • Dimplex Optiflame Lucia decorative electric stove fireplace
      Dimplex Optiflame Lucia decorative electric stove fireplace


      Lucia - Electric Stove Fireplace

      Item number: ELP-30-108
    • Electric stove
      Electric stove

      Electric Wood Stove - Black

      Item number: ELP-10-119
    • Black standing electric fireplace
      Black standing electric fireplace

      Freestanding Electric Fireplace - Black

      Item number: ELP-10-122
    • Cheap standing electric fireplace
      Cheap standing electric fireplace

      Freestanding Electric Fireplace - Black

      Item number: ELP-10-123
    • Carl Westbo electric
      Carl Westbo electric

      Carl Electric Fireplace

      Item number: BIO-90-303
    • Victoria Westbo Electric
      Victoria Westbo Electric

      Victoria Electric Fireplace

      Item number: BIO-90-304
    • Classic Westbo electric
      Classic Westbo electric

      Classic Electric Fireplace

      Item number: BIO-90-305
    • Dimplex Sunningdale - Decorative Opti-V Electric Stove Fireplace
      Dimplex Sunningdale - Decorative Opti-V Electric Stove Fireplace

      Sunningdale - Decorative Opti-V Electric Stove

      Item number: ELP-30-109

      More information about wood-burning stove

      Remote-controlled standing electric fireplace

      How cool is it to control a fireplace with a remote? You can now control and adjust your electric fireplace with a remote, without paying an arm and a leg. It is now often integrated into the fireplace. Because it is electronic, production costs can be kept low.

      This trend does not encompass other types of fires such as ethanol and wood. These are often mechanically operated. Remote control of these fires requires the integration of separate electronic modules. These allow the fireplace and the remote to communicate. The electric controls are also more complex because they deal with real fire, requiring safety measures. We often see costs in the range of £4-500 for adding remote control to an ethanol or gas fire.

      There is no doubt that the electric fireplace is the fireplace where the remote is cheapest. That is why they are often standard issue for even the cheaper electric fires. They can be more expensive when affixed to more expensive fires. User-friendliness and the luxuriousness of the fires themselves can demand a high-quality remote.

      Electric fire disguised as a wood-burning stove

      It look like the wood-burning stove and it's quite deliberate. This is exactly what the manufacturer has tried to illustrate. The electric fireplaces fit both into newer modern houses, but also into more traditional and older houses, where the fireplace is often purchased as a replacement for the older wood stove. This may be because users are tired of the existing wood stove. Another reason may be the increased restristions on the stoves, where some become illegal on the market due to obsolescence. Of course, it can also be a combination of both, and so the fact that it is much easier to use an electric wood stove.

      You can therefore establish cosiness in the home in the traditional way - just without the hassle. It is much easier to operate the fireplace and you don't necessarily have to ask your husband to turn up the fireplace. No, now you just press the remote control or directly on the electric fireplace control panel.

      Electric wood-burning stoves

      This is a fantastic product. It is available in several designs and with many different flame effects. Below, we have listed the most basic facts:

      • Are easy to operate via display, remote or app
      • Looks just like a wood-burning stove
      • Are easy to install, requiring only a socket
      • Are free-standing

      The product is fantastic if you just want the cosy atmosphere from an electric fireplace. Aside from this, it is a big plus that no maintenance or cleaning is required - you can use your time for better things.


      The electric wood-burning stove comes in a cardboard box wherein the stove is safe and protected. That is why you can be sure that the fire is in one piece and ready for installation. You unwrap the product and take all the packaging material off.

      Next, you place the electric fire on the desired location and connect it to the mains. Thus, installation is simple, and you can do it yourself without any authorisation. The blower installed in most of the fires we offer does not need an electrician either. Heating is available immediately, but do read the manual so you are 100% comfortable with your new product. Make sure to place accessories and decorations as wished so you get the full value of your fire.

      Are you looking for advice or a good offer?

      Our customer service is just on the other side of the screen. We are ready to give you a good price on your dream fireplace. Our fires can add spice to any home - without any harmful particles whatsoever. Contact us today, and have all your questions resolved. Remember, we currently have free shipping for our products..

      Are you still in doubt about which of your favourite fires to pick? Some of the fires might just have the extra feature that convinces you. This could be interchangeable decorations, a decorative chimney add-on, or something else entirely. Just ask us for advice!