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Fire Basket with Opti-Myst for Existing Fireplace

A hybrid fireplace insert is crafted to fit snugly into an existing fireplace opening, ideal for situations where traditional wood burning is impractical or unwanted. While various insert fireplaces are available, this discussion centers on the Optimyst insert variant. These compact fireplaces are straightforward to install into an old mantel fireplace, for instance. However, for those seeking a fireplace with a more standalone appearance compared to insert fireplaces, exploring the Optimyst freestanding electric fires is recommended.

The hybrid fireplace insert simply requires placement into the fireplace opening and connection to electricity. No additional installation steps are needed before the hybrid fireplace insert is ready for use. Few things rival the joy of having instant access to a beautiful and low-maintenance fireplace.

 opti-myst burner

Products - Opti-myst fire basket for fireplace

    • Juneay opti-myst fireplace electric
      Juneay opti-myst fireplace electric

      Juneau Hybrid Fireplace Insert

      Item number: HYB-10-029
    • Insert Silverton for water fireplace
      Insert Silverton for water fireplace

      Silverton Opti-myst Insert

      Item number: HYB-10-017
    • Juneau XL water damp insert fireplace from Dimplex
      Juneau XL water damp insert fireplace from Dimplex

      Juneau XL Hybrid Fireplace Insert

      Item number: HYB-10-030
    • AquaFire Base 40
      AquaFire Base 40

      AquaFire Base 40

      Item number: HYB-20-211
    • AquaFire Base 60 Logs
      AquaFire Base 60 Logs

      AquaFire Base 60 Logs

      Item number: HYB-20-213

      What is Opti-Myst Vapour fireplace insert?

      The Opti-Myst vapor fireplace insert is designed to seamlessly integrate into an existing fireplace or stove. Utilizing a combination of water and electricity, this insert creates mesmerizing flames, instantly enhancing the ambiance of your home. Setting up the vapor fireplace is a breeze – simply connect it to power and fill the water tank, and you'll be ready to enjoy the enchanting glow and cozy atmosphere it provides. Plus, with remote controllers available, you can conveniently ignite the flames from anywhere in the room.

      Unlike conventional bioethanol fireplaces that require refueling, the Opti-Myst fireplace is incredibly easy to use and maintain, thanks to water serving as the fuel source for its flame effects. Once the tank is filled, it can be used multiple times before needing a refill. The minimal maintenance and cleaning requirements make the Opti-Myst fireplace a highly sought-after addition to any home. For added convenience, the fireplace's water tank can even be connected to the house's water supply, ensuring automatic refilling without any manual intervention. This eliminates the risk of spillage or the need to carry heavy water containers into the room each time the fireplace runs out.

      With its innovative design and advanced features, the Opti-Myst fireplace offers a modern interpretation of the traditional fireplace, appealing to those who appreciate remarkable craftsmanship. While it doesn't aim to replace traditional fireplaces entirely, it serves as a unique testament to the endless possibilities for recreating existing products with a touch of originality. Notably, it's an ideal choice for environmentally conscious individuals, emitting no actual smoke.

      Opti-Mysts are also freestanding

      When exploring the variety of Opti-Myst fireplace options, there's a wide array to consider: wall-mounted units are ideal for creating a cozy ambiance beneath a TV; mantel electric fires offer a seamless replacement or upgrade for traditional mantel fireplaces; and then there are the freestanding electric fires, perfect for placement anywhere on the floor, independent of mantels or walls. With ample space, a freestanding fireplace can effortlessly enhance the atmosphere of any home, requiring minimal setup before enjoying its warmth and charm.

      The Opti-Myst floor model is incredibly versatile, complementing nearly any room with ease, serving as a decorative piece that seamlessly integrates with existing furniture.

      Freestanding electric fireplaces are highly popular, and available in various shapes and sizes. In fact, some models mimic the appearance of traditional mantel fireplaces, offering different color options to blend seamlessly with any room's decor. Opti-Myst fires boast a diverse range of designs, ensuring they harmonize with the existing aesthetics of the space without overpowering it. Additionally, customization options are available, allowing for tailored measurements to fit specific needs, such as fitting into a recess or aligning with a wall. With such versatility and endless options, Opti-Myst fireplaces are always a welcome addition to any room.

      Water Fireplace - No Need for a Chimney

      A water vapor fireplace insert can effortlessly be placed into an existing fireplace or stove, eliminating the need for a chimney. This makes installation a breeze, allowing for versatile placement in virtually any space. Powered solely by electricity, the water vapor fire insert is straightforward to install, requiring minimal setup.

      In contrast to traditional wood-burning stoves, vapor electric fire inserts produce no pollutants and demand minimal upkeep. This eco-friendly alternative generates captivating flames without the hazards of combustion, ensuring a clean and safe environment.

      Available with or without a heater, vapor electric fires offer flexibility, providing warmth if desired.

      How does a Water Vapour Fireplace work?

      A vapor fireplace insert showcases the innovative Opti-Myst technology, patented by Faber. This cutting-edge system harnesses the power of light and water to produce stunning, lifelike flames. While vapor electric fire inserts operate via an electric power source, they don't function as heaters like traditional fireplaces or wood-burning stoves. However, they offer the allure of realistic, decorative flames for your home.

      Typically, vapor electric fires include a separate built-in water tank, where water vapor is generated by a specialized generator. Small LED lamps then heat the air and propel the steam upward, creating the illusion of authentic flames. With an extended burning time, ranging between 7 to 10 hours per liter of water, vapor fireplace inserts provide enduring ambiance, although specific burn times may vary.

      Notably, a water vapor fire insert produces no odors and contributes to a healthy indoor environment, as its flames are solely generated using electricity and water. This eco-friendly alternative stands as a compelling choice compared to traditional wood-burning stoves or fireplaces.

      What is a Freestanding Insert?

      Distinguishing between different fireplace categories can be challenging, especially when considering the subtle technical variations. For instance, inserts and freestanding fireplaces each offer unique benefits tailored to individual preferences. However, the freestanding insert serves as a user-friendly and simplified amalgamation of the two, making it notably easier to integrate into one's home.

      In essence, a freestanding insert fireplace is entirely self-sufficient and doesn't require specific installation procedures. Unlike conventional fireplaces that often need to be mounted directly onto a wall or mantel, the freestanding insert can be effortlessly placed anywhere desired, much like any other decor item. This versatility facilitates easy relocation, particularly useful when rearranging decorations or furniture. Thus, its freestanding nature stems from its independence, while its insert functionality typically accommodates fitting into mantels or wall recesses.