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Hanging opti-myst fireplace

Even in 2024, the hanging opti-myst for the wall is still a limited selection. However, we have gathered the most popular and available models for you on this page.

Many people want to install a fireplace on the wall, and therefore there is a great demand for our hanging electric fireplaces with a water vapor flame. The natural and not least lifelike flames create a delightful atmosphere. Check out all our many wall cassette designs and pick the right one for your needs!

All our wall-mounted opti-myst can be operated both on the control panel and with remote control.

Opti-myst hanging fireplace

Products - Hanging Water Vapour Fireplace

    • Xaralyn Quero hybrid fireplace wall-mounted

      Quero Wall Mounted Hybrid Fireplace

      from 1,139 from £919
      Item number: BIO-60-136hyb
    • Magic-Fire by Safretti Sogno 500 - Wall-mounted hybrid fireplace
      Magic-Fire by Safretti Sogno 500 - Wall-mounted hybrid fireplace

      Sogno 500 Wall-mounted Hybrid Fireplace

      from £3,939
      Item number: HYB-10-213
    • Xaralyn Nova wallmounted fireplace
      Xaralyn Nova wallmounted fireplace

      Nova Wall Mounted Hybrid Fireplace - White

      from £1,209
      Item number: BIO-60-107hyb
    • Xaralyn Nova wall-mounted hybrid fireplace

      Nova Wall-mounted Hybrid Fireplace - White

      1,109 £889
      Item number: BIO-60-107wh-hyb
    • Planika Fires Misty Water Vapour Fireplace
      Planika Fires Misty Water Vapour Fireplace

      Misty Opti-Myst Fireplace

      Item number: HYB-60-001
    • AquaFire Base 40 Logs
      AquaFire Base 40 Logs

      AquaFire Base 40 Logs

      Item number: HYB-20-212

      Wall-Mounted water Vapour Fireplace for your home without a chimney

      You can effortlessly install a wall-mounted water vapor fireplace in your home, even if it lacks a chimney. Traditional fireplaces or wood-burning stoves can pose installation challenges, particularly in homes without chimneys. However, a water vapor fireplace eliminates the need for a chimney entirely. This makes it much more accessible for those who prefer not to install chimneys in their homes, presenting an excellent alternative for spaces where chimney installation may be impractical.

      Installation is a breeze; the fireplace can simply be hung on the wall, inserted into a wall if it's a built-in electric water vapor fireplace, or placed anywhere desired. All it requires is electricity and water. Unlike traditional fireplaces or wood-burning stoves, a water vapor fireplace emits only water vapor while "burning," making it a modern and eco-friendly choice that doesn't pollute the environment.

      The water vapor flames are remarkably authentic-looking, with no risk of burning, as the flame effect is entirely composed of water vapor. Our water vapor fireplaces are available with or without a heater option, providing flexibility to generate heat if desired without compromising authenticity. It's important for us to cater to every customer's preferences and needs, which is why our Opti-Myst fireplace can be customized to meet specific temperature requirements in your home.

      In addition to customizing heating options, you can also opt for an Opti-Myst freestanding fire. These models only require an electric outlet to function, instantly illuminating the room without the need for further installation. This feature is particularly beneficial in spaces where maximizing available room is a priority, offering an exceptional fireplace solution without sacrificing valuable space.

      What is an Opti-Myst Vapour Fireplace?

      An Opti-Myst vapor fireplace operates using a combination of water and electricity, producing a captivating flame effect that is remarkably authentic. Thanks to its reliance solely on water and electricity, the fireplace maintains a pleasant indoor climate without generating unpleasant odors, making it an exceptionally sustainable and eco-friendly heating option. Furthermore, its installation doesn't require authorization, and maintenance is hassle-free with minimal cleaning and low operating costs.

      The Opti-Myst fireplace is known by various names, such as hybrid fireplace, water vapor fireplace, water fireplace, or Opti-Myst electric fireplace—all referring to the same product. Explore our Opti-Myst fire insert collection to discover a range of fireplace types designed for wall installation. Opti-Myst fireplaces are often utilized as inserts in existing fireplaces or as standalone units placed against a wall. Renowned for their ability to enhance ambiance and aesthetics without the need for venting or real fire management, they are a popular choice for any space.

      How does a Water Vapour Fireplace work?

      Most water vapor fireplaces utilize the innovative Opti-Myst technology, a blend of light and fine water droplets that produce stunning flames. These fireplaces feature a built-in water tank where the water droplets are generated by a transducer. The LED light warms the air, causing the droplets to rise and create the mesmerizing flame effect.

      Opti-Myst fireplaces operate on electricity and while they don't serve as heaters, they provide realistic and authentic flames, serving as safe and decorative additions to your home.

      One of the notable advantages of a water vapor fireplace is its safety; it never reaches temperatures high enough to pose a risk of burns upon contact. Additionally, once the water tank is filled, an electric fireplace with water vapor offers an extended burn time, typically lasting between 8-10 hours per liter of water.

      An Aesthetic Elegance

      In the realm of home aesthetics and contemporary interior design, the wall-mounted Opti-Myst vapor fireplace emerges as a captivating and accessible electric innovation. This remarkable creation not only imbues any living space with the allure of a traditional fireplace but also addresses the limitations often associated with conventional fireplaces. With its mesmerizing flame effect, effortless installation, and adherence to fire safety standards, the Opti-Myst vapor fireplace redefines the ambiance of warmth and sophistication.

      What distinguishes the Opti-Myst from traditional fireplaces is its versatility in installation options and accessibility. Whether mounted in a cozy living room, a serene bedroom, or a chic office space, the fireplace seamlessly complements diverse interior styles, making it a versatile choice for homeowners seeking both elegance and innovation.

      Beyond its aesthetic appeal, another significant advantage of the Opti-Myst lies in its approach to fire safety, rendering traditional safety precautions obsolete. While conventional fireplaces offer stunning design and a cozy ambiance, they also pose risks such as ventilation issues, smoke, and flames. In contrast, the Opti-Myst technology utilizes water vapor and LED lighting to create its mesmerizing flames, eliminating the need for traditional fire safety measures. Homeowners can enjoy the beauty of dancing flames without concerns about sparks, embers, or smoke inhalation. This adherence to safety standards simplifies maintenance and ensures peace of mind for families and individuals, particularly those residing in apartments or homes with limited ventilation options.