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About Us

How We Started

Electric-fireplace.co.uk was originally started in Aalborg, Denmark in 2010. It was founded by the brothers Casper W. Lanng and Christoffer L. Mortensen. Everything started online - as just a webshop.

We now operate across 14 different countries, showcasing a diverse array of electric fireplace options. Our journey began with the opening of our first showroom in Aalborg in 2018. By 2021, we had expanded to larger premises to accommodate our office, warehouse, and one of Denmark's most extensive fireplace showrooms. Continuing our growth, we added another showroom on Valby Langgade in Copenhagen in 2020. Responding to increased demand, we also established a presence in Greenwich, London with a new showroom in the fall of 2022. Each of our showrooms features a wide selection of our products, including bioethanol, electric, and water vapour fireplaces.

Since the beginning, a number of great employees, of different nationalities, have joined our team, which enable us to provide good and qualified help and advice to our customers.

Our Passion

Our focus has always been our customers, and we are passionate about finding the right fireplace for our customers that fits their needs and wishes best.

Our skilled staff are always happy to help you and provide you with great advice and recommendations in our live-chat, by e-mail, phone or in our showrooms. We are a modern company, and we are happy to provide our customers with extra materials such as pictures or videos of desired fireplaces if you do not have the option to visit our showrooms.

We are a fast-paced, growing company, that has expanded to multiple markets in Europe. We have also been awarded the Børsen Gazelle award, for fast-growing business that have at least doubled their revenue over a four year period.

Where to Find Us

Our showroom is based in Greenwich Business Park in London where you can see both built-in media wall bioethanol fireplaces, freestanding, ceiling hanging fires and much much more.

We have a wide range of high-end brands and products for exactly your new build project, and our staff will be happy to help and guide you to make sure you get the fireplace of your dreams!

You're more than welcome to come visit us and there's no need to book an appointment. If you're not able to visit us at the showroom, you can also do a virtual tour of our showroom or book an online video meeting.

Biofireplace address

Showroom information


7 Greenwich Centre Business Park

53 Norman Road

Greenwich, London

SE10 9QF

Customer service

Customer Service

Phone.: (+44) 1224011575

WhatsApp: 7778 964167

Mail: info@electric-fireplace.co.uk

Live chat on our website:
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m - 5.00 p.m
Saturday - 10.00 a.m - 4.00 p.m

Bank information
Sort code: 04-00-75
Account no.: 75867583




53 Norman Road
Greenwich, London

VAT no.: 444 8082 84
Registered company name: Bioethanol-fireplace Limited / Biopejs-shop.dk ApS


Steffen Lanng

7778 50 3092

sara customer service
Sara Mølnitz 

7778 96 4167

Paul Cashman
Paul Cashman 

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Sarah B bioethanol fireplace
Sarah Bekhtaoui 

7879 33 1492

Casper - Bioethanol-fireplace Partner and founder
Casper W. Lanng

7717 62 2375

Christoffer Lanng - Bioethanol-fireplace Partner and Founder
Christoffer L. Mortensen

7796 21 5197

Anders Hauge
sofie german
Sofie Aachmann
Jakob Nielsen - Bioethanol-fireplace Logistics
Jakob S. Fiedel

Cathrine Wilcke
asbjørn olsen
Asbjørn Olsen
Amalie Hornbaek - Bioethanol-fireplace Customer service
Amalie H. Larsen
Michael Falkenberg - Bioethanol-fireplace Marketing
Michael Falkenberg
David Mockovsky
David Mockovsky
Lisa Brohus
Jeanette Højen Trangeled
Jeanette Højen Trangeled
Line Schack
Sune Christensen