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Electric Fireplace - The Largest Selection of Electric Fires and Water Vapour Fireplaces

An electric fireplace is not just an electric fireplace. There is a wide selection of developed technologies. Each of these creates a unique fire effect. At electric-fireplace.co.uk we aim to offer the perfect electric fireplace for your home.

We offer the most reputable brands for electric fireplaces. Among others Glow Fire, Dimplex, Dru Fire, Planika, and Magic Fire by Safretti. This means that you can find both budget options, but also the most advanced and technical fireplaces.

The range of electric fires here at Electric-fireplace.co.uk is wide. The beautiful fireplaces powered by electricity do not require any kind of chimney or flue, so the installation options are many. Many creative fireplace solutions can be created with LED fireplaces.

There are mainly two types of electric fireplaces; Electric fireplaces and hybrid fireplaces. They both use electricity to create their flames, but the difference between the two is that hybrid fireplaces use evaporated water lit up by LED bulbs to create the flames, while classic electric fireplaces create their flames with LED light play.

Use our menu to browse the site and find the fireplace that's right for your home. If you're in doubt or looking for help, don't hesitate - contact our customer service team by phone, live chat, email, Facebook or Instagram. We're here to help you find the right electric fireplace for you.

Who is Electric-fireplace.co.uk?

We have a large exhibition of electric fireplaces at our London showroom. Here, you can see built-in, wall-hung, and free-standing models. We also showcase the nifty inserts for existing open fireplaces.

Our team is available to answer any questions you may have about electric fireplaces. We even offer video chats over Teams, Zoom, Facetime, and WhatsApp. We also take videos and pictures of our products. This so you have the best possible chance of understanding what you are going to buy.

Why Shop at Electric-fireplace.co.uk?

We have 12 years of experience in the fireplace business, specialised in modern, chimneyless fireplaces. We know what we are talking about. We have sold thousands of electric, ethanol, and gas fireplaces throughout the years. This means that we have seen many novel installations.

We offer you expert, professional advice when you invest in a new electric fireplace. We can deliver your fireplace with all the necessary installation materials. This means that you can get straight to work.

London Showroom

We understand the importance of choosing the best product for you and your needs. Therefore, you can discover how our different products work in our Bioethanol Fireplace UK showroom, where we display a range of eco-friendly fireplaces. This helps you ensure you get the best value for your money.

At Electric-fireplace.co.uk, we offer a wide range of brands. Our product range includes fireplaces from well-known brands such as Planika Fires, Artflame, Decoflame, Dru Fires, Foco, Magic Fire, Dimplex, Westbo of Sweden and many others.

London Showroom Address

Bioethanol-Fireplace Ltd

7 Greenwich Centre Business Park
53 Norman Road, Greenwich
SE10 9QF
United Kingdom

Opening hours

Monday - Friday : 9.00 am - 5.00 pm
Saturday : 10.00 am - 4.00 pm

Contact information

Phone - (+44) 1224011575
Email - info@electric-fireplace.co.uk

Or contact us online via live-chat

Electric Fireplace Suite

A large fireplace with a mantle gives a special effect in any room. There are two parts, an electric fireplace insert framed by a faux mantle. The mantle is often made of MDF board with a romantic motif that creates an exclusive look.

The electric fire with mantle often offers several options when it comes to the flame. There are several inserts that can be fit in the mantle, but also different flame effects. If you prefer a regular, relaxing orange flame, you can easily choose this on the fireplace. If you the next day prefer flames of different colours, you can change to a different look.

See our large, exclusive models here: Electric fireplace with mantel.

Built-in Electric Fireplace

Built-in electric fires are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners seek modern, efficient heating solutions. With advancements in housing technology, newer homes are designed to be more heat-efficient, reducing the reliance on traditional fireplaces. This shift in demand has led to significant innovations in the design and functionality of built-in electric fireplaces.

In recent years, built-in electric fireplaces have undergone remarkable advancements, reaching a new level of technology and realism. Gone are the days of artificial-looking flames; today's electric fireplaces offer incredibly authentic flame effects that closely mimic the appearance of real wood-burning fires.

One notable development in electric fireplace design is the availability of models with glass sides. These glass-sided fireplaces offer a modern and sleek aesthetic, allowing for unobstructed views of the captivating flames from multiple angles. The addition of glass sides not only enhances the visual appeal of the fireplace but also contributes to its versatility, as it can be installed in a variety of locations within a room.

See the whole selection here: Built-in inserts.

Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace

An electric, wall-mounted fire is one of our most popular product types. This is because you can install the fireplace in areas that could not accommodate a regular fireplace. For example, apartments or houses too small to fit a chimney.

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces are also best-selling. The price is generally affordable and installation is often simple. Also, they are often sold in more colours than just black and white. Black is a traditional colour for fireplaces. White has become popular for more minimalist decor. You can compare the installation of a wall-mounted electric fire can to mounting a TV wall bracket.

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces are available in many different lengths. Anything from 40 cm to 2,5 metres long. It can be difficult to find alternative fireplaces in bigger dimensions. The main reason for this is that heat emissions increase with size.

See our selection here: Mounted

The Electric Wood-burner Style Stove

Do you want a free-standing electric fireplace with the look of a wood-burning stove? In that case, this category is the thing for you. These electric stoves are a great fit for any home and create a cosy atmosphere. This both at home, but also at an office, hotel or pub.

The stove requires no maintenance or chimney and is simply placed on the floor. Electric wood burner-style stoves exist in various sizes and colours. Most common are black and white. The stove is designed for milieus where atmosphere and decorative value are a plus. The flames are LED-based, giving a realistic flame-view. Often you can view the flames from several angles. Some models have glass sides allowing a very large viewing angle.

Find the camouflaged wood-burner style stoves here: Electric wood-burner style stove

Electric Insert for an Existing Open Fireplace

This category is a bestseller. Particularly for those who have an existing fireplace. Our customers often report that they buy electric because they do not want to clean up or want more life in their living room. You can place the insert in an existing open fireplace. Now you have electric flames inside the fireplace. Any time you want, no hassle. Several models also have an integrated heater that can help warm up the room.

The electric insert is very safe and you should consider it an artificial, decorative source of light in your existing open fireplace. This is a very smart and affordable solution if you want to give your old, rustic open fireplace a new lease on life.

See our selection here: Electric insert for existing open fireplace

Fireplace with Water Vapour Flames

The newest technology in the business. Not just within electric fireplaces, but for the whole fireplace business. This is a unique patented technology. It creates an authentic-looking flame from water and electricity. These are also called hybrid or Opti-Myst fireplaces. This because of the almost magical vapour flame.

This type of fire is often preferred in modern homes where the internal climate is paramount. It is the most environmentally friendly type of fireplace. The fireplace leaves no dangerous particles in the air and requires no chimney or vent.

See our fireplaces in this category: Water vapour

Are you Looking for Something Specific? Please Contact Us!

If you are looking for a very specific type of fireplace, do not hesitate to contact our customer service. We are here to help, and we are very happy to do so. We can help with anything from the design of a unique fireplace to installation. From heat emanation to programming effects on your remote. You can also visit our guide section. Here you among other things can find articles about our products.

Our fireplace consultants have many years of experience. This allows us to give you the right help on your way to your coming dream fireplace. Are you looking for heat, cosiness, or ease of use? We can definitely find a good solution for you. We are available on live chat, email, telephone, Facebook, and Instagram.

How does an electric fireplace work?

An electric fireplace works by using an LED screen or a rotating LED light effect, which creates the play of light that creates a look like real flames.

Newer technology has made it possible to creat more and more realistic flame effects using electricity. Among other things, Dru Fires has developed an advanced 3D technology that creates realistic crackling flames, and Dimplex has developed Opti-Myst technology, which is used in hybrid fireplaces and which creates beautiful dancing flames.

The heating element found in most electric fireplaces works by drawing cold air into the fireplace, which is then heated by means of a heating coil and the heated air is then gently forced out into the room again by means of a fan.

Some electric fireplaces instead use infrared technology to create heat. It works by converting electricity into radiant heat, which heats objects in space.

How much heat does an electric fireplace provide?

There is no single answer to the question of how much heat an electric fireplace creates, as it differs from a fireplace in both which heating method is used and how much the individual electric fireplace can heat. In addition, the space in which the electric fireplace heats and how well insulated and large it is also has a great influence on how much heat is created.

However, you can see the heat output of the individual fireplace in the product description, this can help to give a good indication of the heating effect of the fireplace.

As a starting point, however, an electric fireplace cannot be used as a primary heat source, but must instead be used for cozy and radiant heat. The fireplace must therefore help to supplement the warmth in the home and, at the same time, create a cozy fireplace atmosphere.

Do electric fireplace use a lot of electricity?

Most LED fireplaces come with a heating element, but most can also "burn" without the heating effect turned on. Whether the heating element is switched on has an effect on how much power the fireplace uses.

But as a starting point, an electric fireplace will use approx. the same amount of power as a regular electric radiator. An electric fireplace consumes approx. 1,5 kW.

If the heating power is switched on, the kW of the power will be added. This means that if you have turned on the fireplace's heat on at 1,8 kW, it will consume a total of approx. 3,3 kW.

What type of electric LED fireplaces should you choose?

Which electric fireplace you should choose depends very much on your needs and what look you want it to have. So you must first find out where you want your new LED fireplace. There are electric fireplaces for installation in several different ways and with different expressions.

Among other things, you can get electric fireplaces that look like classic English mantel fireplaces or electric built-in tunnel fireplaces. The possibilities are many, so do not be afraid to dream big!

What does an electric fireplace cost to run?

An electric LED fireplace that does not have a heating effect on will cost approx. 0.06-0.08 DKK to have driving per hour - this of course depends on the price of electricity.

An electric fireplace with the heating effect on will cost a little more. As a rule of thumb, it will look like this:

  • 1 kW, will approx. increase consumption by £0.23 per hour = approx. £0.29 - 0.31 per hour.
  • 1.5 kW will approx. increase consumption by £0.34 per hour = approx. £0.4 - 0.42 per hour.
  • 2 kW will approx. increase consumption by £0.45 per hour = approx. £0.51 - 0.53 per hour.

Electric fireplace - Wood burning stove without chimney

Another type of electric fireplace that is really popular is electric wood stoves - that is, an electric fireplace that looks like a classic old wood stove. With an electric wood-burning stove, you get a cozy look from a wood-burning stove, but without having to connect a chimney, without having to split or buy firewood and without having to bother with cleaning. Just plug the cord into the electrical outlet and turn on the fireplace.