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Magic Fire water vapor fireplaces

Magic Fire by Safretti is a popular brand designing customized fireplaces and is often the solution selected for larger professional projects. That's why Magic Fire by Safretti is the preferred supplier among architects and interior design consultants that seek fireplaces with a water vapor effect.

Magic Fire is a fireproof fireplace that does not pose danger to children, pets or yourself as the flames consist of water vapor and LED lights. The water evaporates and creates fumes illuminated by LED bulbs. This way, the real and realistic flame effect is created with "smoke".

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Built-in opti-myst fireplace from Magic fire

Products - Magic Fire water vapor fireplace


    • Water fireplace insert Mistero 500
      Water fireplace insert Mistero 500

      Mistero 500 Hybrid Fireplace

      Item number: HYB-10-201
    • Water fireplace insert Mistero 1000

      Mistero 1000 Hybrid Fireplace

      Item number: HYB-10-202
    • Water fireplace insert Mistero 1500

      Mistero 1500 Hybrid Fireplace

      Item number: HYB-10-203
    • Water fireplace insert Mistero 2000

      Mistero 2000 Hybrid Fireplace

      Item number: HYB-10-204
    • Water fireplace insert Incanto 1000
      Water fireplace insert Incanto 1000

      Incanto 1000 Water Vapour Fireplace

      Item number: HYB-10-205
    • Water fireplace insert Incanto 1500
      Water fireplace insert Incanto 1500

      Incanto 1500 Water Vapour Fireplace

      Item number: HYB-10-206
    • Water fireplace insert Incanto 2000
      Water fireplace insert Incanto 2000

      Incanto 2000 Water Vapour Fireplace

      Item number: HYB-10-207
    • Water fireplace insert Incanto 2500
      Water fireplace insert Incanto 2500

      Incanto 2500 Fireplace Water Vapour Fireplace

      Item number: HYB-10-208
    • Water fireplace insert Incanto ST 1000

      Incanto ST 1000 Two-sided Hybrid Fireplace

      Item number: HYB-10-209
    • Water fireplace insert Incanto ST 1500
      Water fireplace insert Incanto ST 1500

      Incanto ST 1500 Two-sided Hybrid Fireplace

      Item number: HYB-10-210
    • Water fireplace insert Incanto ST 2000

      Incanto ST 2000 Two-sided Hybrid Fireplace

      Item number: HYB-10-211
    • Water fireplace insert Incanto ST 2500

      Incanto ST 2500 Two-sided Hybrid Fireplace

      Item number: HYB-10-212
    • Magic-Fire by Safretti Sogno 500 - Wall-mounted hybrid fireplace
      Magic-Fire by Safretti Sogno 500 - Wall-mounted hybrid fireplace

      Sogno 500 Wall-mounted Hybrid Fireplace

      from £3,939
      Item number: HYB-10-213
    • Water Vapour Mistero 2500 5x2 Litre Tanks

      Mistero 2500 Water Vapour Fireplace

      Item number: HYB-10-214
    • Opti-Myst Fireplace Mistero 3000 6x2 Litre Water Tank

      Mistero 3000 Water Vapour Fireplace

      Item number: HYB-10-215

      More information about Magic Fires Water Vapor Fireplaces

      Products from Magic Fire

      Safretti offers 3 distinct series: the Incanto series, Mistero series, and customized series. Each series is designed to be built-in in various ways.

      Magic Fire Incanto

      The Incanto series showcases the traditional Mistero burner, nestled within a cassette designed for seamless integration into various projects. 0A standard Incanto comes as a cassette with a black powder-coated steel plate and a matching 10 mm front panel. For those seeking a frame extending beyond the wall, Incanto offers a 50mm frame option. Additionally, the Incanto series includes a ST version, ideal for use as room dividers between two spaces. Available in sizes ranging from 1000 to 2500 mm or customizable dimensions, the Incanto series provides versatile solutions to suit your requirements.

      Magic Fire Mistero

      The Mistero fireplaces are electric fires equipped with a water tank, serving as the burner unit of the fireplace. Within this unit, steam transforms water into mist, creating an illuminated effect that closely resembles authentic smoke and flames. Mistero fireplaces are commonly utilized for DIY projects, where the unit is seamlessly embedded into various pieces of furniture, walls, floors, kitchens, and similar spaces. The versatility of Mistero offers nearly limitless possibilities for customization and design.

      What is their bestseller?

      Safretti's water vapor fireplaces are popular choices for both private residences and businesses seeking exclusivity. The manufacturer is known for delivering high-quality products with top-notch craftsmanship and design.

      Magic Fire users often aim to create unique spaces, leading to the popularity of the Mistero series. Available in various lengths, these fireplaces feature advanced technology and are seamlessly integrated into architectural and interior design schemes.

      The Mistero 1000, with its versatile one-meter flame, is a market favorite, especially for private residences.

      Commercial settings also embrace these fireplaces, with longer models like the Mistero 1500 and 2000 being preferred in restaurants and hotels for their ability to create a striking ambiance.

      Safe fireplace for restaurants

      Magic Fires are the top choice for restaurant fireplaces. They don't require constant refills of bioethanol fuel, bottled gas, or firewood, ensuring a consistently lit and effortless ambiance.

      These fireplaces easily connect to a fixed water supply, eliminating manual labor. Operating them is simple; a press of a button on a remote control, phone, or switch adjusts the flame settings, offering customization.

      In restaurants, staff can relax knowing the flame is harmless. Its vibrant appearance adds warmth and captivates audiences, leaving a lasting impression.

      Need for accessories?

      Compared to bioethanol fireplaces, which offer numerous accessories, these fireplaces need few add-ons. Electric fireplaces, being fuel-free, have limited upgrade options.

      The standard stainless steel finish adds exclusivity, but many prefer a black top plate, incurring extra cost for custom painting.

      Customers choose between manual or automatic filling. The manual version has two water containers filled with tap water, while the automatic version connects to a fixed water supply.

      To mimic a wood-burning stove, a speaker is integrated for crackling sounds, controllable via smartphone, remote, or panel.

      Water vapor fireplaces come with two control units, with an option for a third. Only two can be active at once, chosen between a wired remote and battery-operated/app-controlled unit.

      Accessories are similar to electric fireplaces, with water vapor enhancing visual appeal.

      Characteristics of Magic Fire

      Magic Fire by Safretti distinguishes itself from competitors primarily through its remarkably realistic flame effect, devoid of any fire hazard. This safety is ensured by the use of water-based operation, eliminating the need for flammable liquids. Consequently, the Magic Fire water vapour fireplace is exceptionally child and pet-friendly.

      In terms of installation, expenses are typically minimal as it does not require a chimney, flue, or similar infrastructure. Both installation and usage have been designed for ease, making it straightforward for users. Flames can be adjusted conveniently via the included remote control or directly on the unit itself. Rest assured, all fireplaces are safety-approved and can be confidently used in any home.

      Customised Magic Fire

      The Dutch manufacturer is receptive to design and architectural solutions. The Magic Fire range can be customized to suit your specific requirements. If you seek a distinctive project featuring a water vapour fireplace, then Magic Fire by Safretti is the ideal choice for you.

      A never before seen flame

      Children are often unaware and innocent, especially when it comes to understanding life and its complexities. Similarly, many adults find themselves in a similar state of innocence when encountering water vapor fireplaces. While we've all encountered various types of fireplaces throughout our lives—be it bioethanol, gas, wood-burning, or electric—the mesmerizing flame effect in these modern fireplaces remains a unique marvel.

      This captivating effect is patented by Faber Dimplex, revolutionizing the fireplace industry with remarkable success. These fireplaces are particularly prevalent in homes built to 2020 insulation standards, which often face challenges in dissipating rather than generating heat. Magic Fires, as they're aptly named, produce no actual heat; any warmth experienced is a result of the built-in LED bulbs and the innovative engineering of the device.

      In doubt? Contact us!

      Given that this type of fireplace is relatively new to the market, there's limited awareness about electric fires with water vapor. Consequently, no question is considered insignificant. Whether you're seeking pricing for a project or have inquiries about specific products, don't hesitate to reach out. We're more than happy to provide clarity and guidance, including distinguishing between the following fireplace options:

      • Magic Fire fireplace
      • Electric fireplace
      • Bioethanol fireplace

      These eco-friendly options resemble electric fireplaces, but differ in their flame effects. Electric fireplaces have distinct flame patterns, unlike the vapor effect of water vapor fireplaces. Bioethanol fires produce genuine flames and heat akin to open water vapor fireplaces. Gas fires require a chimney or flue and emit high heat with a natural flame. Contact us to find the ideal fireplace for your needs.