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Westbo of Sweden Electric Fireplace

In the world of home heating and interior design, Westbo of Sweden stands out with its distinctive line of traditional electric stoves, which seamlessly blend traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. Known for their durable cast iron construction and classic designs, Westbo of Sweden's electric fireplaces offer a unique solution for those seeking both style and convenience in home heating.

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Products - Westbo of Sweden electric fireplace


    • Ignis Freestanding Electric Fireplace Insert from Westbo of Sweden
      Ignis Freestanding Electric Fireplace Insert from Westbo of Sweden

      Ignis Electric Fireplace Insert - Round

      Item number: BIO-90-306
    • Carl Westbo electric
      Carl Westbo electric

      Carl Electric Fireplace

      Item number: BIO-90-303
    • Victoria Westbo Electric
      Victoria Westbo Electric

      Victoria Electric Fireplace

      Item number: BIO-90-304
    • Classic Westbo electric
      Classic Westbo electric

      Classic Electric Fireplace

      Item number: BIO-90-305
    • Ignis Electric Fireplace Insert - Square
      Ignis Electric Fireplace Insert - Square

      Ignis Electric Fireplace Insert - Square

      Item number: BIO-90-307

      More information about Westbo of Sweden

      Types of Westbo fireplaces

      Three timeless classics from West of Sweden: Westbo Carl, Westbo Victoria, and Westbo Classic. These fireplaces have been part of the range for many years, and Westbo of Sweden continues to focus on them. Why change something that works so well?

      Westbo Carl

      Carl is the smallest option, available in both bioethanol and electric versions. Its black color and familiar cast iron construction are adorned with intricate details and the manufacturer's beautiful logo.

      Westbo Victoria

      Victoria is slightly larger than Carl, available in various sizes with square dimensions. A beloved classic in traditional design, Westbo Victoria graces countless homes and is synonymous with Swedish style and craftsmanship. It's offered in bioethanol and electric variants.

      Westbo Classic

      Classic is the tallest model in the series and is instantly recognizable as a signature Westbo stove. Engraved with the manufacturer's motif on prominent parts, there's no mistaking its origin in West of Sweden. Classic is exclusively produced as a wood-burning stove with an electric insert.

      Electric fireplace from Westbo

      Westbo Electric has quickly become a bestseller. Renowned for their craftsmanship, Westbo of Sweden has created a remarkable electric fireplace insert that not only provides warmth and illumination but also complements their stunning cast iron fireplaces seamlessly. It's rare to find such a perfect pairing between a fireplace and an electric insert.

      The standalone electric fireplace insert, named Ignis, is also available for purchase. With Westbo Ignis, ordinary fireplaces, wood stoves, and open hearths can be effortlessly transformed into elegant electric fireplaces.

      Here at Bioethanol-Fireplace.co.uk, we're thoroughly impressed by Westbo Electric—and so are our customers!

      Tiled stove, but chimney-free

      We often associate the elegance of cast iron fireplaces with the charm of a traditional tiled stove. What sets all Westbo stoves apart is their extensive glass panels, allowing everyone around to enjoy the mesmerizing dance of flames, not just the warmth they provide.

      A Westbo stove is built to last for generations. Crafted from durable cast iron, it's a reliable addition to any home, becoming a cherished part of the family for years to come. Renowned for their exceptional quality, Westbo of Sweden's popularity speaks volumes.

      Recently, Westbo has shifted its focus towards enhancing the decorative appeal of their fireplaces while maintaining their heating functionality. Continuously striving to innovate, they aim to offer an improved flame experience that meets contemporary design standards and environmental concerns.