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Faber E-Matrix Electric Fireplace

Experience the future of electric fireplaces with the Faber e-MatriX series, a remarkable blend of style and cutting-edge technology. These fireplaces offer a realistic flame effect created by a unique combination of water vapor and LED lighting, providing an ambiance indistinguishable from real fire. Faber's patented technology allows these fireplaces to be installed without a flue, offering flexibility in placement within your home!

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      More information about Faber

      Who is Faber

      Faber Dimplex and Glen Dimplex Group, its parent business, are renowned for their innovative and eco-friendly heating solutions. Their main focus lies on developing technologies that reduce environmental impact and energy consumption.

      In recent years, electric fireplaces and energy-efficient heating options have become increasingly popular, aligning with Faber Dimplex's product range. To meet evolving consumer demands, the company continues to expand its product offerings and improve existing ones.

      Glen Dimplex Group, the parent company of Faber Dimplex, is also actively involved in sustainability initiatives. They emphasize the importance of promoting energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions in the heating and cooling industry.

      Check SliM Linear

      The e-SliM Linear offers a compelling fire experience that is both safe and remarkably realistic. This is achieved through the use of energy-efficient LED lighting and naturally circulating cold water vapor. It's designed for those who desire the charm of a crackling, ethereal fire without the limitations of traditional gas or wood options. It is an alternative where fossil fuel fireplaces are no longer preferred or allowed.

      Want to see water burn

      While it may seem unlikely, Faber electric fireplaces achieve the comforting ambiance of a traditional wood fire in your home. The simulated wood logs emit a warm red hue, creating the illusion of a genuine fire. As we move towards a future where sustainable heating is the norm, such innovations may become indispensable.

      To further enhance the illusion of a real fire, the illuminated cold water mist dances like authentic flames. With just a simple click of a button, you can effortlessly adjust the level of coziness and even customize the flame color to suit your preference.

      Maybe you're also interested in e-MatriX Vertical?

      The e-MatriX Vertical stands out as the sole 100% electric vertical fireplace available, boasting captivating visual appeal. At 160 cm high and 80 cm wide, it serves as an ideal centerpiece for homes, penthouses, restaurants, or hotel lobbies. Its unique water vapor technology allows for a flue-free vertical see-through fireplace experience. Moreover, it provides a safe and energy-efficient fire view while offering customizable RGB LED lighting to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. With the e-MatriX Vertical, you can effortlessly transform your space and enjoy the benefits of this contemporary, versatile, and hassle-free fireplace.