The difference between electric fireplaces for installation

Electric fireplaces are still new on the market, especially the built-in models. More and more people are going away from traditional fireplaces and choosing a more environmentally friendly alternative, including electric fireplaces.

Within electric fireplaces for installation, there are 3 types in terms of flame effect. Available here: the classic, 3D, and Pro. The actual heat effect is not a big difference. However, there may be exceptions in the form of the size of the fireplace, most often larger fireplaces will give off more heat.

The classic and 3D models are equipped with 5 light settings, whereas the Pro version only has 4.

Front built-in electric fireplace

Classic built-in electric fireplace

The cheapest electric fireplace is the classic one. This one is most often built into a wall or a piece of furniture.

A classic electric fireplace has one flame color, which is the classic orange color that is most reminiscent of a real fire. This model contains firewood, which will also create a more authentic look.

3D built-in electric fireplace

As you have probably already concluded from the name, this model is equipped with a 3D effect, which creates a modern flame. This 3D effect makes the flame look very authentic.

In terms of price, the 3D electric fireplace is just above the classic model.

Professional built-in electric fireplace

The Pro model is the luxurious version of electric built-in fireplaces and thus also the most expensive of these 3 variants. This one has 3 flame effects - in addition to the classic orange, it also has a blue and a blue-yellow color.

The special thing about this is that it has glass on the entire front so that the visible metal frame is avoided. The Pro models are available with wood, crystal, or stone decoration.