Freestanding Electric Corner Fireplace

Get a large, beautiful electric fireplace that utilizes the corner of a living room. If you dream of such a fireplace, then you have come to the right place. These electric stoves are extremely good for utilizing all spaces and corners. Create visually more space by using even the trickiest spots of your home.

The fireplace extends at a 90-degree angle on both sides so that it can stand all the way to the wall. It is a super elegant solution because we often find that the corners are empty in the living rooms.

As this is an electric corner fireplace, it is possible to decorate the fireplace further. Therefore, you can easily decorate with candlesticks or other decorations on top of the fireplace.

Electric corner fireplace

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    Kent Corner Mantel Electric Fireplace

    Kent Corner Mantel Electric Fireplace

    Item number: ELP-80-128-corner