Electric room divider fireplace

The three-sided room divider fireplaces became increasingly more popular in many homes. What's more is also their rise on social media in 2020, where many new buildings creatively built this fantastic 3-sided fireplace in the walls and corners of their homes. It is an extremely modern solution with a quite simple installation.

An electric built-in fireplace with three open sides does not place a lot of demand on built-in material, chimney, and exhaust. Therefore, you can insert and build your electric dream fireplace as big as your heart desires. The flames, within the fireplace, can be admired from three angles, so you achieve the maximum effect throughout your home.

Make your dreams come true and buy an electric fireplace for installation on the wall. Sit relaxed on the sofa while starting the flames from your mobile phone or remote control. Our built-in fireplace can either be operated via an app or on an included remote control.

Built in electric fireplace insert

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