How much does an electric fireplace cost?

Electric fireplaces are becoming more and more popular, and we often find that it replaces the more traditional fireplaces and stoves. Although many connect it to an electric radiator, one of the benefits is energy efficiency.

Black standing electric fireplace

An electric fireplace and its price

Electric fireplaces often have several flame effects and can be used with or without heat. Of course, it is always most expensive to use the electric fireplace with heat-activated.

Consumption without heating effect:

The consumption of electric fireplaces for pure coziness will typically be around DKK 0-1 per hour. However, the price of course varies depending on which fireplace it is and whether the heating effect is activated or not. The costs without the heating effect will be around DKK 0.5-7 per hour. However, the consumption will often be a little higher with Opti-Myst fireplaces, as water must also evaporate here.

Costs with a heating effect:

Even if heat is used, the electric fireplace is still relatively cheap to use. As a rule of thumb, one would say:

  • 1 kW, approx. Increase consumption by £ 0.3 per hour
  • 1.5 kW will approx. Increase consumption by £ 0.4 per hour
  • 2 kW will approx. Increase consumption by £ 0.5 per hour

Whether it is a freestanding removable electric fireplace, a wall-mounted, or an insert, they are relatively inexpensive to operate. This is especially true for zone heating - ie heating in the room in question, where a rise in temperature is desired. The advantage of the electric fireplace over an electric radiator is that in addition to heat it produces cozy and beautiful flames.

Can an electric fireplace heat the whole house?

The short answer is no. Even though the electric fireplace is very efficient and gives off the desired amount of heat, it cannot heat your entire house. The fireplace is perfect as a secondary heat source or just to create extra coziness. Electric fireplaces are not manufactured with such a high performance that they will be able to heat the whole house and be a primary heat source.

On the other hand, the electric fireplace is a suitable zone heater, which means that you can turn down or switch off the central heating and simply use the heat from the electric fireplace in the room in question. In this way, the electric fireplace will be energy efficient. In other words, you can turn off the central heating and light an electric fireplace in, for example, the living room, and thus you can keep the heat in the living room and save on the electricity bill without freezing.

The efficiency of an electric fireplace

The electricity is converted directly into heat with an efficiency rate of approximately 99% of the electric heating component. Since an electric fireplace does not need a chimney or ventilation, the heat will come out into the room as radiant heat, and there will thus be immediate heat around the fireplace.