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Returns naturally wants our customers to be fully satisfied with the purchased products. Should you, against expectation, wish to return something? Then we still take it with a smile!

We will ask you to follow the process below. This will ensure that returns and complaints will be handled in the most optimal way for both our customers and

Note: We only handle returns where the return note has been completed and the return note has been printed, completed and enclosed with your package.

Electric built-in fireplace

1. Fill out Return Form

Fill out our return note. Indicate in the message field whether it is a exchange, return or complaint and the reason for it.

2. Print Return Note

Download, fill and print the return note.

3. Pack your Items

Pack the products in the original or equivalent safe packaging and enclose your return note in the package.

4. Send the Package

Take the package to your preferred carrier and return the item.

The package must be sent to:
Gravsholtvej 15, Langholt
DK- 9310 Vodskov

It is important that you check the address and get a receipt for your package.

When returning products, the customer bears the risk of accidental payment or deterioration during the return transport. is not obliged to reimburse any additional costs associated with the fact that the consumer has expressly chosen a different and more expensive delivery method than the standard delivery offered by Electric-fireplace. You, as the customer, have full responsibility for the returned products until they are physically returned to Therefore, ALWAYS send with track and trace so that the package can be traced.

If you want to exchange your purchase for another item, in a different colour or model for example, we offer free exchanges. You can also choose to have a voucher issued, which can be used for a future purchase.

Note: Returned parcels sent unclaimed or COD will not be accepted.