Is the flame in an electric fireplace realistic?

The flames in an electric fireplace look very real. In some fireplaces, it is even possible to switch between flame colors, so you can choose the one you think is most suitable for your home. As the popularity and demand for electric fireplaces have increased, they have also become more authentic rather than just a TV-like flame. It is now possible to purchase an electric fireplace with a 3D effect that grants the fireplace an even more authentic look. However, one cannot expect flames at the same level as in a bio fireplace, gas fireplace, or wood stove, as the flame is produced by an LED light.

Built-in electric fireplace from Evonic fires

Does an electric fireplace make sounds and produce heat?

The manufacturers of electric fireplaces do everything they can to ensure the electric fireplace look like a traditional fireplace as much as possible. Therefore, some electric fireplaces have built-in crackling sounds, to add even more authenticity to the fireplace. Electric fireplaces also give off heat, which also contributes to the coziness of the fireplace. The amount of heat depends on which model it is, but this is stated in the product description of all our products.

Built-in LED fireplace

How real does the flame in an electric fireplace look?

This is a personal feeling - so, therefore, we will point out that a flame in an electric fireplace will never look as real as in a bio fireplace, gas fireplace, or wood stove. However, progress is being made in the development of electric fireplaces, and they are continuously looking more authentic and genuine than they have done in the past.

We will thus leave it up to you to assess how genuine you think the flame looks. We try as much as possible to make a video of our fireplaces so you have the opportunity to judge for yourself. However, if there is a fireplace that does not have a video and that you want to see - then finally contact us and we will find out something.