Dru Virtuo

Virtuo is the new wonder from the fireplace giant. Dru, and the Spartherm Group, has long been a dominant player in the fireplace industry - especially for their exclusive gas fireplaces. In addition, they develop fireplace inserts under the Spartherm brand and bio-fireplaces such as Ebios Fire. Now comes the fireplace of the future: the Dru Virtuo.

Dru meets society's demands: we want fire and cosiness, but without the dangerous particles and emissions associated with other fireplaces. The fireplace manufacturer has managed to create fire with artificial flames.

Dru uses a unique projection technique that creates different types of flame images. In addition, it produces an LED glow effect, which makes the atmosphere more real. Crackling wood effects are also added, and of course it's equipped with the latest technology and control via remote and app.

Dru electric Fireplace

Products - Dru Fires

    Virtuo 75 Front electric fireplace

    Virtuo 75 Front

    Item number: ELP-90-101
    Virtuo 80/3 electric fire

    Virtuo 80/3

    Item number: ELP-90-102
    Virtuo 80/2 Right electric fire

    Virtuo 80/2 Right

    Item number: ELP-90-103
    Virtuo 80/2 Left electric fireplace

    Virtuo 80/2 Left

    Item number: ELP-90-104