Electric three-sided fireplace

Extremely popular built-in fireplaces, where you can experience the optimal flame vision. The fireplace has an open front with two open narrow sides. Therefore, a specially designed backplate is integrated on the inside behind the flame in the fireplace. This solution happens to be in the best design to really light up the fireplace.

This built-in electric fireplace is the best solution if you want maximum flame visibility without compromising flame visibility. A three-sided fireplace is also appropriately covered to keep the light visible with the fireplace's dominant backplate. Our flat electric built-in fireplaces with three open sides are often seen installed underneath a TV.

The artificial fire in the electric fireplace moves dancing up and down the back, so the flames can be seen from all angles of the room. This effect can be difficult to view if too much light comes through the glasses, which can be the case in a three-sided room divider and the tunnel fireplace.

Built in electric fireplace insert

Products - 3-sided for flat wall

    Virtuo 80/3 electric fire

    Virtuo 80/3

    Item number: ELP-90-102
    3 Step hybrid fireplace

    3 Step

    Item number: HYB-10-041