Electric corner fireplace

Don't forget to utilize the walls in the room and install a two-sided electric corner fireplace, where it is possible to see the flame from several angles. This solution is often installed at the end of a wall or on one side of an existing doorway.

Installation at the end of a wall provides a great appearance because it opens up the two adjoining rooms while maintaining a backplate in the fireplace. This back is designed to optimize the LED-created flame effect in the best possible way. Therefore, with an electric corner fireplace, you achieve an extra visible and realistic flame.

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Built in electric fireplace insert

Products - 2-sided corner fireplace

    Astro 850 electric fire
    Astro 850 electric fire

    Astro 850

    Item number: ELP-60-101
    Virtuo 80/2 Right electric fire

    Virtuo 80/2 Right

    Item number: ELP-90-103
    Virtuo 80/2 Left electric fireplace

    Virtuo 80/2 Left

    Item number: ELP-90-104
    3 Step hybrid fireplace

    3 Step

    Item number: HYB-10-041