Water Vapour Fireplace

An fireplace powered by water vapour seems to be the latest trend within the fireplace industry. As we build low-energy houses and simultaneously maximize the home's own production of energy, the fireplace with water vapor continuously gains popularity.

It is a future oriented and absolutely environmentally friendly product that creates a realistic flame of vapors. It is also characterized as a hybrid fireplace because it uses electricity and water. A hybrid fireplace fits in the environment where a cozy effect is desired without the addition of heat. An electric fireplace with water vapor is the safe choice for a modern home without harmful particles and a regulated indoor climate.

Opti-myst fireplace

Products - Hybrid Fireplace

Haydn hybrid fire
Haydn hybrid fire


Item number: HYB-10-065
Mozart White hybrid fireplace

Mozart White

Item number: HYB-10-066
Sherwood hybrid fire
Sherwood hybrid fire


Item number: HYB-10-068
Cassette 400/600 Opti-myst Fire
Cassette 400/600 Opti-myst Fire

Cassette 400/600 Opti-myst Fire

Item number: HYB-10-019