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Wall-mounted electric fireplace

Get flames on your wall with a wall-mounted electric fireplace. The electric fireplace will immediately add atmosphere and dynamism to your room. Most have a controllable heater to make the fireplace feeling even more authentic.

An electric fireplace for your wall is the safest choice on the market. Both considering fire hazards, but also if you want to move the fireplace. For example, if you regret your choice or want to change your rooms around. It is easy to dismantle and move to another room, or even another home.

Most electric fireplaces are in stock at our warehouse and we can deliver the next day. If you are looking for a special model, then don’t hesitate to contact our customer service.

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Is a wall-mounted electric fireplace safe?

Yes, a wall-hung model is very safe. This is generally true for electric fireplaces, which use an artificial flame. If the fireplace contrary to expectations should fall off the wall, your floor won’t catch fire. Many people compare this to the hazards of a fireplace driven by liquid fuel, e.g. ethanol, which can cause a fire if misused.

If you have children or pets, the risks given by an open flame are also avoided with an electric fireplace. The electric fireplace does not have an open flame. Thus, you should consider it one of the safest fireplaces on the market. You can switch on a heater in the fireplace, but the glass front will not be so hot that it burns your fingers. No more than 30 degrees Celsius.

The heat comes from a heater integrated into the fireplace. This component will become hot when switched on, but it is hidden away within the fireplace itself. Thus, there is no chance of putting your fingers on the heater itself. The blower which moves heat into the room can feel hot if you get close. You cannot cover it because the product will then not be able to get rid of the heat.

Does a wall-mounted electric fireplace provide heat?

Our wall-mounted fires have a built-in heater. This means that it can provide heating if necessary. There are often several levels, so you can use it on high, low, or no heat.

You should not use an electric fireplace as a primary source of heat, because it is not made for this. Firstly, it is not made to heat up large areas and second, it will consume too much electricity in the long run. The electricity used by an electric fireplace cannot compare to conventional heating. E.g. your radiators or floor heating.

Yet, an electric fireplace can offer secondary heat and the beloved fireplace feeling. You can compare the amount of heat in electric fireplaces, whatever the type, to a conventional electric heater. We often see these installed in summerhouses. Here heat is only intermittently needed. Or where installation of central heating is not possible or workable.

How do wall-mounted electric fireplaces work?

You control most wall-mounted electric fires with an included remote control. If the fireplace is not remote-controlled, it may be accessible via an app for your phone or a control panel.

There is almost always some kind of display panel with buttons on the fireplace. This no matter whether there is a remote included or not. It is an extra control, which is nice to have if the remote’s battery runs out or it is otherwise not available.

Operating an electric fireplace is quite simple. They are usually equipped with one or several ON/OFF switches. These can activate or deactivate a function.

• Do you want to start or turn off the fire?
• Do you want to activate or deactivate the heater?
• More advanced fires have more advanced controls where levels are available.
• The heater can be set to high, low, or no heat.
• A timer, that will turn the fireplace off after a set number of hours.
• Flame regulator, that can change between the fire’s flame effects.
• You can increase or decrease light intensity according to your needs.

These functions will also be available on a remote if one is included. Or on your smartphone if the fireplace includes a control app.

Can you install an electric fireplace outdoors?

An electric fireplace is not designed to be installed outdoors. We often see users install fireplaces in covered areas, where they are not exposed to wind or rain. The electronics inside an electric fire do not tolerate frost. It is very important that it is not left outside in the winter.

The LED flames give a beautiful effect on the wall when darkness falls. That is why it is popular to install electric fireplaces (or ethanol fires) outdoors. That is because the fireplaces are both affordable and easy to install and move around.

There is a large selection of fires available. This includes many colours, not just classic white or stylish black. You should also consider what effect you want the LED flame to have. Look around on our site and find the perfect fireplace for your wall.

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