Verdi opti-myst fireplace - White

Verdi opti-myst fireplace - White

Dimplex Opti-myst®

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Value hybrid fireplace in white

The talented people behind the Dimplex brand have done it again! Created a hybrid fireplace that looks like the real thing, down to the smallest detail. Simple and effective. The Verdi hybrid fireplace in white gives you the real feel, and it looks like a conventional wood-burning stove, where it is possible to decorate all the glory by putting a little fuel under the fireplace for coziness.

The true-to-nature flames that form when water and halogen light meet are confusingly reminiscent of an open fire, and it can be really hard to spot the difference. The technology does not leave much to be desired and the fireplace requires only a minimum of maintenance. Thus, there is plenty of wiping the fireplace off with a slightly damp cloth every now and then when it is time to clean your home.

Forget about the chimney - it's not necessary when using a fireplace like this! Therefore, it is up to you where the fireplace should be placed. With the remote control, you are always ready to control the process easily and simply. 



  • Built-in insert with authentic-looking firewood
  • Supplied remote control
  • Including halogen bulb
  • Requires electrical outlet