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Valter electric fireplace from Evonic Fires

An extremely elegant fireplace from the British fireplace giant, Evonic Fires, which can be described as being one of the UK's leaders in electric fireplaces. Valter is part of the manufacturer's traditional range, where the flame can be adjusted in six color effects.

Valter electric fireplace has a heating power of up to 1500 watts, which can be compared to an electric radiator. Unlike most stoves, this electric fireplace provides radiant heat. Hence, the fireplace only provides warmth in the room where it is installed, rather than distributing it throughout the house. This can be an advantage because you will probably use the fireplace as a cozy and complementary warmth in the room you are staying in. Often electric fireplaces are found in spaces where people tend to spend most of their time.

Evonic Fires model Valter is available with one, two, or three glasses, so it can be built-in with a flame vision from several angles. All modules are included in the package so you can convert it as needed.

A free app is included, which simply needs to be downloaded to your phone and tablet. Therefore, the fireplace can be easily controlled from here. Imagine that with one click on your phone you can create a fireplace coziness in your surroundings - of course without having to think about cleaning because electric fireplaces do not get dirty.