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Tyrell Evonic Fires electric fireplace

Luxurious electric fireplace with the exclusive Halo flame effect. Evonic Fires is a leader in technology for the most vivid flame effects in electric fireplaces. Their innovative technology is patented, and they have a good reason for that - it looks fantastic.

If you want a professional and luxurious electric fireplace, it requires a high-quality glass. Therefore, this Tyrell fireplace contains an anti-reflective SCHOTT CONTURAN MAGIC® glass that allows a clear and conspicuous flame vision. Furthermore, the fireplace can be controlled with your SmartPhone or tablet via the manufacturer's own application. You can navigate in different brightness's, contrasts, and set the desired temperature.

Tyrell comes with the option to choose the look in terms of the included decoration, but also the interior sides of the wall, which are available in both gray or beige ceramic stone. The sides are illuminated to create beautiful complete fireplace furniture. The actual glass size measures 58.8 x 80.5 cm, which indicates the visible part of the electric fireplace. The actual installation dimensions are, however, 79 x 118.8 cm, so therefore Tyrell requires extra space for installation. Tyrell electric fireplace from Evonic Fires has glass on three sides, so the flame can be beautifully seen from several angles.

Halo flame effect in Tyrell
Halo is the latest trend on electric fireplace the market. It is a new RGB flame effect where colors red, green, and blue can be mixed. Evonic Fires has developed some preset animations, but it is also possible to construct its own personal flame. The pre-animated effects are called Still, Breathe, Spectrum, Embers, Odyssey, and Aurora.