Trivero 180

Trivero 180


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Xaralyn Trivero 180 electric wall fireplace

The Trivero 180 model is designed in a long, wide format that spreads a cozy atmosphere. It does not require a lot of effort to maintain the fireplace. At the same time, it is also energy-efficient. The Trivero 180 uses our latest LED technology and is operated via a touch screen or remote control. The touch screen only lights up while it is being touched, and after a few seconds, the control panel turns off again. This fireplace can be used as an additional heat source or solely as decoration. It is also possible to use the fireplace in a built-in project (in this case, it is important to follow the instructions in the manual).

You do not need to be a fireplace specialist to install the Trivero 180 model. Simply, find the right location in your home to achieve a warm and comfortable atmosphere that the fireplace provides. Indeed, the Trivero 180 model does not produce as much heat as a gas fireplace or a wood stove, but we guarantee you in return live very lifelike flames.