Stockbridge opti-myst fireplace - Black

Stockbridge opti-myst fireplace - Black

Dimplex Opti-myst®

Item number: HYB-10-016

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Stockbridge hybrid fireplace in black

With a bold retro look, the company behind the Stockbridge hybrid fireplace, Dimplex, proves that their range is wide enough to cover every taste and preference. The Stockbridge fireplace is freestanding and has a weight of 29.3 kilos. It is certainly possible to move it you do not like its location anymore. You can control the fireplace with the included remote control. However, there are also a few function buttons hidden behind the door in the fireplace. Be aware that it takes a few seconds from the time you press the remote control until the fireplace responds. So, avoid pressing the button more than once within 2 seconds to obtain the correct command.

Stockbridge is equipped with some large glass doors that allow the artificial flames to be viewed up close. With a hybrid fireplace, like this one, you do not need to worry about getting firewood, having a chimney, or emptying the ashes. Similar to other hybrid fireplaces, it is enough to wipe the fireplace every now and then with a slightly damp cloth. It is important not to use detergents or glass cleaners.


  • Incl. remote control
  • Fireplace insert with firewood with an authentic appearance
  • Incl. halogen bulb
  • Retro design