Stack opti-myst fireplace - Black, White and wooden

Stack opti-myst fireplace - Black, White and wooden

Dimplex Opti-myst®

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Stack hybrid fireplace in black, white, and wood look

The stack model from the quality brand Dimplex is another in the series of floating shelves that you can place in almost any room in your home. It is easy to install and does not have the same limitations as one would expect from conventional fireplaces. This hybrid fireplace requires only water and electricity as fuel. The flames occur when the fumes from the water meet the light of the halogen bulb. This creates very realistic flames that impress time and time again. The technology is fascinating to watch. With this Stack model, you bring the coziness right into your home! The included remote control gives you full control over the device. With its elegant design and sharp lines, it can be placed anywhere. 

The insert with artificial wood is confusingly similar to the firewood that most of us have seen in a wood stove, but you do not need any chimney with a hybrid fireplace like this. In addition, there is only a minimum of maintenance with the Stack hybrid fireplace, which only requires a light cleaning every now and then with a damp cloth.



  • Remote control included
  • Insert with true-to-nature firewood
  • Beautiful design
  • Halogen bulb included