Santos opti-myst fireplace

Santos opti-myst fireplace


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Santos Mystic Fireplace

The Santos Mystic fireplace is a masterpiece that will adorn anywhere. The fireplace belongs to the new generation of alternatives to conventional fireplaces that burn wood and require a chimney. With the Santos model, you get the latest technology, and you can decide more freely where the fireplace should be placed, as it does not require a chimney.

Technically, the Santos model works using the Cassette 600 insert, which emits water vapor, which is illuminated with LED lights. The result of this process produces truly lifelike flames that impress and are fun to behold. The flames can be turned up and down, and it is almost hard to believe your own eyes once the LED lights hit the water vapor! This creates the artificial flames that bring the coziness straight home in the living room. The white finish gives the fireplace a timeless design that makes it fit anywhere. It is simple and super easy to use this technology and it requires a minimum to maintain the fireplace. The only thing that should be done from time to time is to clean the device with a damp cloth and wipe afterwards with a clean, dry cloth.

Important info:
• Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 47 (cm.)
• Weight: 80 kilos.
• Fuel: electricity and water.
• Control the fireplace with remote control.