Nissum L beton opti-myst fireplace

Nissum L beton opti-myst fireplace

Dimplex Opti-myst®

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Nissum L concrete hybrid fireplace

The Nissum L model is the big brother in the Nissum series - however, this model is designed with a concrete appearance. This gives it a bold and futuristic look. Since it only takes water and electricity to power the Nissum L, you receive an insight of all the hassles that you may already know from conventional stoves. You do not require a chimney when you buy an electric hybrid fireplace. Furthermore, you also do not have to provide firewood in time or empty the ashes within the fireplace. The only thing you should do is clean the fireplace every now and then with a slightly damp cloth.

With the Nissum L concrete model, you get a bold eye-catcher that should probably attract attention and curious eyes. The hybrid fireplace is a stable staple furniture place that can stay for years with its futuristic concrete design. 



  • Realistic firewood
  • Remote control included
  • Connects to the main socket
  • Elegant design