Nissum beton opti-myst fireplace

Nissum beton opti-myst fireplace

Dimplex Opti-myst®

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Opti-V 360 degrees

Get a classic piece of art into your home with the Opti-V 360 degrees. It is no coincidence that the number "360" is part of the name of this beautiful model from the brand Dimplex. The Opti-Myst fireplace is simply round and open, so you can look at it from all sides. In addition, you can place it wherever you want, as it is free-standing. Water and electricity are the fuel for the Opti-V model, which is why it not necessary for your home to be equipped with a chimney. Technically, the process that creates the very realistic-looking flames takes place by evaporating water and then lighting it up by an LED bulb. The cozy flames are very realistic. It can even be difficult to tell the difference between those created with Opti-Myst technology and the flames from a conventional fireplace or wood stove. As you can see in the pictures above, the Opti-V model is very elegant and original in its design. It is reminiscent of a smaller work of art.


•    Comes with a remote control
•    Incl. efforts with realistic-looking firewood
•    LED-bulb included
•    Beautiful and different design