Mistero 500

Mistero 500

Magic-Fire® by Safretti

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Mistero 500

The Dutch quality brand Magic-Fire by Safretti just keeps impressing! With a futuristic construction of steel and glass, you get the latest technology right home into your living room when you choose the Mistero 500 model. The Mistero 500 is extremely flexible when it comes to its operation, as you have the option to control all the glory with remote control, app, or directly on the control panel itself. The black lacquered stainless steel gives you a stylish finish. Additionally, with just 2 liters of water, you are well on your way, as it takes no more to keep the system running for 8 hours, apart from the power to be connected.

The flames created when the water vapors meet the LED light look very realistic, and even the trained eye may have a hard time distinguishing between these flames and those you have probably seen before in a conventional wood stove.
Electricity and water are the fuel for this electric fireplace, and it is certainly worth mentioning that the flames are, of course, completely harmless.

• Childproof
• Adjustable flames
• The chimney is not necessary
• Remote control included