Mistero 1500

Mistero 1500

Magic-Fire® by Safretti

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Mistero 1500

With the Mistero series, the Dutch brand Magic-Fire by Safretti has created impressive, electric fireplaces that combine water vapor and LED lights, which together create some very realistic flames. The whole system runs on water and electricity all without requiring no chimney. The design is, as always, with the Magic-Fire brand one of the best. The black lacquered, stainless steel in combination with glass gives a futuristic look that fits in everywhere.
Electricity and water are the fuel that the Mistero 1500 model uses, and with 6 liters of water, you make the fireplace burn for 8 hours. The fireplace is easy to control, as you can use the remote control, app, or control panel to control the device.

The manufacturer Magic-Fire by Safretti always makes sure that its products live up to high standards - not least when it comes to safety. Since the flames in the Mistero 1500 model are artificial, there is of course no danger of burning themselves on them.

• Water as fuel
• No need for achimney
• Childproof
• Adjustable flames using remote control/app/control panel