Mistero 1000

Mistero 1000

Magic-Fire® by Safretti

Item number: ELP-10-202

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Mistero 1000

What happens when you combine water vapor with sparkling LED lights? You get beautiful, realistic flames similar to the ones you already know from the conventional wood stove! The only difference is that the Mistero 1000 uses electricity and water as fuel instead of ordinary firewood, and requires no chimney. The flames are adjustable and they are quite harmless as one cannot burn oneself on them. With a design of steel and glass, you get a stylish look that should attract attention.

Mistero 1000 gives you more options for control, as you have the option to operate it with both a remote control, an app, or via the control panel. With 4 liters of water, you are all set, and together with the connected power, you get a long-lasting run time of 8 hours.

• Childproof
• Adjustable flames
• Weight: 27 kilos
• Incl. remote control