Milos Opti-myst Fireplace

Milos Opti-myst Fireplace

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Product Description

Milos opti-myst fireplace


Stylish and streamlined design from Xaralyn. The Milos model contains a very elegant fireplace frame without all sorts of shapes and round edges. Everything is produced in a very minimalist design, and together with the electrical effort, a fantastic interplay is created. 

Worth knowing:

  • H: 97 x W: 99,5 x D: 34 cm x Wood x cm
  • Harmless decorative flames
  • Stylish design
  • Remote control included
  • Opti-myst® flame

Probably the most environmentally friendly fireplace in the fireplace industry. Water and electricity are the sources of consumption in Milos, which have integrated a Cassette 600 | Albany fireplace insert.  The fireplace requires no cleaning and only minimal maintenance. The water tank in the Milos opti-myst fireplace must be filled directly from a faucet. That's all you need to do - in addition to of course lighting the fireplace and choosing the size of the flame. This fireplace is available with the following insert: Cassette 600 | Albany.


The Milos fireplace is made by Xaralyn Clean Fire, which is a Dutch manufacturer. They are previously known as Ruby Fires. However, in 2019 they to changed the name. Xaralyn produces a lot of eco-friendly fireplaces such as bio fireplaces, electric fireplaces, and fireplaces with water vapor flame. They are often characterized by their production of large fireplaces. The actual insert in the fireplace front is made by Faber Dimplex, who has developed the unique water vapor technology.

Technical data


H: 97 x W: 99,5 x D: 34 cm



Glass Size


33,6 kg


Fossile Stone

Heat Output

Cassette 600: 0 | Albany: 0| 0,75 | 1,5 kW



Flame Technology

Opti-myst® flame


Remote Control | Control Panel


Cassette 600: 200 W| Albany: 220 W


Adjustable flame


Cassette 600 | Albany

Power Supply

230 V

Burn Time

Cassette 600: 6-7 hours

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