Milos Electric Fireplace

Milos Electric Fireplace

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Product Description

Milos electric fireplace

Standing electric fireplace produced in fossil stone. Milos is made in a very streamlined design and therefore fits well in a minimalist decor. The fireplace insert itself is integrated inside the fireplace frame, and therefore creates a streamlined look again.

Notable facts:
  • H: 97 x W: 99,5 x D: 34 cm x Stones x cm
  • Harmless decorative LED flames
  • Streamlined design
  • Easy operation
  • Possibility of heat connection
  • Traditional flame effect
The stove itself is sturdy and firmly on the floor. Milos weighs 33,6 kg, measures H: 97 x W: 99,5 x D: 34 cm cm in height and Stones cm in length. Milos is thus a large and dominant fireplace that will decorate any room.

An electric fireplace is an environmentally friendly alternative to a regular fireplace. They emit no particles and thus do not damage your indoor climate. As for Milos, it has either Trivero 70 as a fireplace insert. Both models are electric fireplaces with LED flames.

Xaralyn is a Dutch manufacturer of environmentally friendly fireplaces. They are especially known for their large selection of fireplace-like fireplaces, where the fireplace insert can be integrated as needed. This means that the same fireplace can function as an electric fireplace, bio fireplace, or opti-myst fireplace. Milos are sold here with Trivero 70, which are two different electric fireplace inserts.

Technical data


H: 97 x W: 99,5 x D: 34 cm



Glass Size


33,6 kg


Fossile Stone

Heat Output

0 | 0,4 kW | 0,8 kW



Flame Technology

Traditional flame effect


Remote Control | Control Panel


Lucius: 10 W | Trivero 70: 10 W


Adjustable flame


Trivero 70

Power Supply

230 V

Burn Time

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