Log Set for Cassette 1000 - 2 stk.

Log Set for Cassette 1000 - 2 stk.

Dimplex Opti-myst®

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Firewood set for Cassette 1000 – 2 pcs.

If you dream of giving your Cassette 1000 model a more realistic look, continue reading. With a wood set like this, you can decorate your electric fireplace. This way, you will get not only living flames but also some very lifelike firewood, which appears to look very realistic.

When you light the fireplace, the firewood lights up with the classic red glowing effect.

Since the Cassette 1000 model is delivered without a firewood set, you can buy one of these right here. Why not go all in and order 2 pieces? Then you have at least plenty of firewood. Some customers also choose to purchase more than one piece of the model Dimplex Cassette 1000. They do this to receive the width they require for their project. Therefore, you can save money by buying 2 pieces of the firewood set for your Cassette 1000 modules.


  • A wood burning set makes your electric fireplace more realistic
  • Buy 2 pcs. and save money
  • Good opportunity to have more than one Cassette 1000 model

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No heat


Flame Technology

Opti-myst® flame


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