Lindstrom DS double-sided electric fireplace

Lindstrom DS double-sided electric fireplace

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Lindstrom DS continuous electric tunnel fireplace

Unique and rare opportunity to integrate an electric fireplace inbetween two rooms. Lindstrom DS is a tunnel fireplace and can, therefore, be installed so the flame can be enjoyed from two rooms. In 2020, the fireplace came on the market and has been long-awaited. Previously, there has not been a two-sided continuous electric fireplace, and therefore the exclusive fireplace is incredibly popular.

Evonic Fires has managed to use the finest materials and technologies from all parameters. Thus, their entire unique, Halo flame effect has been used, which is the latest technology on the market. It is a patented RGB flame technology, where within some intervals you have the opportunity to make your own personal flame.

Lindstrom is a continuous electric fireplace that requires a wall width of 50 cm. The glass measures one meter in length and has a height of 33.5 cm. There are no visible control panels or the like, and the fireplace appears extremely elegant. Lindstrom DS is operated via an Evonic e-tab or from your mobile phone or tablet. Typically, family members will have the app installed on their Apple iPhone or other SmartPhone so that it is easily accessible to all home users.

The fan heater is mounted so that Lindstrom DS provides heat on both sides of the glass. Therefore, you can enjoy the warmth of the fireplace - both in the living room and in the dining room. The fireplace is also often seen installed at companies in showrooms or in an office where a fireplace atmosphere is desired. It is easy to operate, emits no smoke or odors, and requires no maintenance. Therefore, it is often the preferred solution at companies and in hotels and restaurants.

Tunnel electric fireplace for installation

Lindstrom DS is relatively simple to install. An installation guide is included so that the local craftsman or user can install the fireplace themselves. There are no universal requirements for the installation of electric fireplaces because the emission of heat is minimal. It also means that you do not need authorized fireplace installers to build Lindstrom DS into the wall.

The installation dimensions are 55.6 x 100.2 cm. The glass extends almost all the way to the sides. There is only a narrow edge of 2 cm at the top and sides where the frame is attached to the wall. The construction of the Lindstrom DS is designed so that the plasterboard (or other material) can be placed directly on the frame edge so that the fireplace cassette is easily hidden at the top and bottom.

Technical data








35 kg.


Heat Output

750 - 1500 watt


Black and anti-reflective glass

Flame Technology











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