LF-E02 opti-myst fireplace - Black

LF-E02 opti-myst fireplace - Black

Dimplex Opti-myst®

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LF-E02 hybrid fireplace in black

LF-E02 is another elegant fireplace from the innovative brand Dimplex. The model can be mounted on the wall without much hassle, as it weighs only 15 kilos, even though it looks heavier. With a fireplace that only has two small requirements such as water and electricity, you are well set and will not have to constantly empty the fireplace of ashes. Additionally, there is no need  to worry about supplying more firewood for the times you could run out. With the included remote control, you are ready o control the course of the battle quickly and without difficulty. The built-in fireplace insert gives you the experience of being close to an open fire, and even the experienced user may have a hard time distinguishing between the artificial and real flames.

So, it is very easy to handle a hybrid fireplace like this, and the only thing you should do every now and then is to wipe over the fireplace with a slightly damp cloth. When installing the fireplace, also remember to place it near an electrical outlet.

To avoid the overall impression from looking too cluttered, you can use a cable tray. Those are often found in private homes to make the whole set-up seem more put together and elegant.

Important info:

  • Supplied remote control
  • Easy to maintain
  • Halogen bulb included
  • Fireplace insert with authentic looking firewood

The model is also available in white.