Lasize opti-myst fireplace

Lasize opti-myst fireplace


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Lasize Mystic fireplace

The Dutch have a great sense for designing electric fireplaces, and the manufacturer Xaralyn is no exception! Lasize Mystic is a free-standing and transparent electric fireplace that can also be decorated, as there is a cutout underneath the fireplace for placing decorative pieces of firewood. See for example the photos above. Technically, the Lasize Mystic model uses the 'Cassette 600' fireplace insert, and you can control the adjustable flames with the included remote control.
As the Lasize model weighs 37 kilos, it is incredibly convenient that the manufacturer has made it possible to mount wheels under it, so it is easy to move around. Like almost all electric fireplaces, there is only minimal maintenance that is limited to cleaning with a slightly damp cloth every now and then. So you avoid the hassle of getting firewood, emptying ashes, etc., and it is not necessary to have an exhaust or a chimney in your home, as a fireplace like this does not emit smoke.

• Easy to move around due to the wheels that come with it
• Does not require a chimney
• Incl. remote control
• No fire hazard