Kreta Fossile Stone Electric Fireplace

Kreta Fossile Stone Electric Fireplace


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Kreta electric fireplace in fossil stone

Large and eye-catching electric fireplace with a polished or unpolished stone surface. Fits come pre-assembled, require no chimney or flue, and then it is extremely easy to operate via remote control.

Worth mentioning:
  • H: 110 x W: 120 x D: 54 cm x Stones x cm
  • Harmless decorative LED flames
  • Possibility of heat connection
  • Easy operation via remote control
  • Traditional flame effect
An electric fireplace is an environmentally friendly alternative to a regular fireplace. They emit no particles and thus do not damage your indoor climate. As for Kreta, it has either Trivero 70 as a fireplace insert. Both models are electric fireplaces with LED flames.


Xaralyn is a Dutch manufacturer of environmentally friendly fireplaces. They are especially known for their large selection of fireplace-like fireplaces, where the fireplace insert can be integrated as needed. This means that the same fireplace can function as an electric fireplace, bio fireplace, or opti-myst fireplace. Kreta are sold here with Trivero 70, which are two different electric fireplace inserts.

The fireplace frame is made of fossil stone. Fossil stone is a material that is created, processed, or modified by a fossilization process. The process replaces organic materials in stone. These seep into the rocks or the like, which eventually hardens. The final material gives the impression that the product has been fossilized over time.
The fireplaces get a flat and rough stone surface. The process is unique for each product. It also means that no two versions of Kreta are 100% identical.

However, the size and weight of the electric fireplace are the same. The fact is that it stands robust and firm on the floor. Kreta weighs 78,8 kg, measures H: 110 x W: 120 x D: 54 cm cm in height and Stones cm in length. Kreta is thus a large and dominant fireplace that will decorate any room.

Technical data


H: 110 x W: 120 x D: 54 cm



Glass Size


78,8 kg


Fossile Stone

Heat Output

0 | 0,4 kW | 0,8 kW


White | Black

Flame Technology

Traditional flame effect


Remote Control | Control Panel


Lucius: 10 W | Trivero 70: 10 W


Adjustable flame

Power Supply

230 V

Burn Time


Trivero 70


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