Kos MDF opti-myst fireplace

Kos MDF opti-myst fireplace


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Kos opti-myst electric fireplace

Electric opti-myst fireplace in white MDF from the Dutch manufacturer, Xaralyn Clean-Fire. The fireplace is available with two different fireplace inserts, and neither one nor the other has a flammable effect, as the flame is artificial and of water vapor.

Key factors:
  • 108 x 119 x 39 c
  • Harmless decorative flame of water vapor
  • With decorative firewood
  • Water vapor flame
Probably the most environmentally friendly fireplace in the fireplace industry. Water and electricity are the sources of consumption in Kos, which have integrated a Cassette 600 | Albany effort. The fireplace requires no cleaning and only minimal maintenance. The water tank in the Kos opti-myst fireplace must be filled directly from a faucet. That's all you need to do - in addition to of course lighting the fireplace and choosing the size of the flame. This fireplace is available with the following insert: Cassette 600 | Albany.

The stove itself is sturdy and firmly on the floor. Kos weighs 22,5 kg, measures 108 cm in height and 119 cm in length. Kos is thus a large and dominant fireplace that will decorate any room.

Kos are made of MDF. MDF is a wood fiber material made from hardwood or coniferous wood. It is perfect for electric fireplaces because it is easy to work with and construct according to the desired design. It can also be painted according to the designer's wishes, and then the price of the material is at the lower end. Therefore, stoves made of MDF can often be priced lower.
The Kos fireplace is made by Xaralyn Clean Fire, which is a Dutch manufacturer. They are previously known as Ruby Fires but in 2019 chose to change the name. Xaralyn produces a host of eco-friendly fireplaces such as bio fireplaces, electric fireplaces, and fireplaces with water vapor flame. They are often characterized by their production of large fireplaces.