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Kiruna Evonic Fires three-sided electric fireplace

A top-class electric built-in fireplace. Kiruna from Evonic Fires is a large luxury fireplace that is often seen installed against a wall. The fireplace also has the perfect dimensions to be built under a TV because it measures 1 meter in the glass and a further 21 cm of ceramic stone on both sides. Kiruna is equipped with an anti-reflective SCHOTT CONTURAN MAGIC® glass, which provides a completely clear flame vision without reflections in the glass. It can be compared to the exclusive glasses at the local art gallery.

The fireplace is controlled with your SmartPhone or tablet via the manufacturer's own application. It is even possible to purchase an e-tab for the product, from which you can navigate in different brightness's, contrasts, and set the desired temperature. Kiruna comes with the option to choose the color of the ceramic stone sides. They are available in both gray or beige. The decoration in the fireplace is available as birch wood or ordinary artificial firewood.

The actual glass size measures 33.5 x 100.3 cm, which indicates the visible part of the electric fireplace. It will require a wall of 142 cm in total, and for this, the built-in box is also 56.8 cm in height and 30 cm in depth.

Kiruna electric fireplace from Evonic Fires has glass on three sides, so the flame can be beautifully seen from several angles. All three glasses come with the exclusive Schoutt Conturan Magic® glass.

Halo flame effect in Kiruna
Halo is the latest trend on the electric fireplace market. It is a new RGB flame effect where colors red, green, and blue can be mixed. Evonic Fires has developed some preset animations, but it is also possible to construct an own personal flame. The pre-animated effects are called Still, Breathe, Spectrum, Embers, Odyssey, and Aurora.

Technical data









Steel and glass

Heat Output

750 - 1500 watt


Grey | Beige

Flame Technology







Birch logs | Wood logs





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