Kent Corner Mantel Electric Fireplace

Kent Corner Mantel Electric Fireplace

Item number: ELP-80-128-corner

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Product Description

Kent electric fireplace

Kent corner electric fireplace is like the traditional Kent electric fireplace. This model is designed for placement in a corner. It fits perfectly into any room where a corner is free for the fireplace. With the classic white color, the Kent corner electric fireplace makes a unique contribution to most environments. This Kent electric fireplace is produced with a wood-burning flame effect and has a heating power of between 900 - 1800W. The heating effect has several levels and can also be deactivated entirely. In that case, enjoy the flame effect of the Kent electric wood burning without heat. Gaze at the stove with the incredibly vibrant flames.

Kent corner electric fireplace is available in white and it is made in the dimensions H: 90cm x W: 99cm x D: 33cm, and weighs 43kg. The fireplace is primarily made of metal and glass.

Kent Features:
  • Requires 230V socket
  • Woodburning stove flame effect
  • Built-in overheating sensor
  • Works with or without heating effect
  • Includes LED 60 insert
  • Energy-saving LED technology
  • Wood fireplace flame effect - orange
  • 5 brightness settings
  • Low / high heating 900W / 1800W
  • Digital thermostat 10 ° -30 °
This Kent corner electric fireplace is easy to install and does not require authorized professionals as it can be installed by private individuals.

Technical data


H: 90 x W: 99 x D: 33 cm



Glass Size


43 kg


Steel | Glass

Heat Output

0,9 | 1,8 kW



Flame Technology

Stove flame effect


Remote Control | Control Panel



LED 60 3D: 5 flame colours - 5 brightness levels | LED 60 Classic: 3 flame colours - 5 brightness levels


LED 60 3D | LED 60 Classic

Power Supply

230 V

Burn Time

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