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Kallan built-in fireplace from Evonic Fires

A smart small electric fireplace that can be built into the wall. This fireplace is designed for the side modules to be either glass or black steel plates. It is possible to install the electric fireplace with glass on the front, the front and right/left side or with open glass on all three sides. The glass on the front measures a total of 28.2 x 64.5 cm.

It is possible to control the traditional electric fireplace flame via an included free e-smart app, which is offered by Evonic Fires. It is adjusted in six different effects, and it is also possible to control the heat as well. In addition, you can of course turn off and on the fireplace. It is extremely user-friendly and you can forget about removing soot and ash because the electric fireplace does not get dirty.

Kallan electric fireplace requires no cleaning or maintenance other than the bit of dust or greasy fingers that may now get on the glass. It has never been easier to operate a fireplace.