Incanto See-through 2500 hybrid fire

Incanto See-through 2500

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Product Description

Incanto See Through 2500

Incanto ST (See Through) is the king model in the Incanto series with a weight of 137.5 kilos and is another product from the popular Magic-Fire brand. Are you starting a built-in project in your house, or are you building a new one? It could be an exciting project with an electric fireplace. A fireplace like the Incanto See Through 2500 uses only water and electricity in the process. This model will typically be able to burn for eight hours with ten liters of water. All the glory can be controlled with a remote control, an app, or via the control panel on the fireplace itself. Electric fireplaces are becoming more and more popular, and the technology has gradually reached a very high level. Even the trained eye may have difficulty distinguishing the flames of the electric fireplace from the flames of a classic wood stove. You completely the flame intensity, and with a model like this, you are completely up to date when it comes to interior design. The fireplace will attract attention. In addition, you avoid having to perform a lot of maintenance and cleaning, and best of all, you are not forced to have a chimney in your home to use this electric fireplace.

Technical data


H: 63 cm x W: 270 cm x D: 55 cm


Glass Size


137,5 kg


Steel | Glass

Heat Output

No heat



Flame Technology

Magic Fire Water Vapour


Remote Control | App | Control Panel


1200 W


Adjustable flame


Mistero 2000

Power Supply

220-240 V

Burn Time

8 hours

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