Incanto See-through 2000

Incanto See-through 2000

Magic-Fire® by Safretti

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Incanto See Through 2000

With an Incanto ST (See Through) 2000 model, you get a built-in solution that can be enjoyed from both sides of the wall. This is because, as the name suggests, it is transparent and open. If, for example, you desire a room divider in your living room, this solution is perfect. Electric fireplaces are still a relatively new phenomenon, but the technology has already come a long way. The flames that form when water vapor and LED lights meet are very lifelike, and at the same time childproof. No one will  burn themself on these flames, even though they seem super realistic. This model can be kept running with approx. a single liter of water per hour, and in addition, just think about connecting the fireplace to the electrical outlet. It's easy and simple, and you can control the entire solution with the included remote control, an app or on the control panel itself. The model weighs 110 kilos, so you get a powerful and durable solution that does not disappoint. At the same time, you ride the latest wave in interior design, where electric built-in fireplaces have really become popular.