Incanto See-through 1500

Incanto See-through 1500

Magic-Fire® by Safretti

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Incanto See Through 1500

Incanto ST (See Through) is one of the finest items that can be purchased when it comes to electric fireplaces. Cool look and functionality go hand in hand, and the technology of this model is completely up to date. The special feature of the see-through model is that it can be built into a wall where it is visible on both sides. Therefore, it is ideal in, for example, a room divider construction. There are also a number of other benefits you can reap when you choose to use an electric fireplace. For example, you only need to use electricity and water as "fuel". Additionally, this model can be kept running for eight hours with just six liters of water. Also, you can control the fireplace with remote control, and the flames are not dangerous, so no one will burn themselves. The technology in these electric fireplaces is quite new, but even now the manufacturers have come an impressive way, and it can be really hard to tell the difference between the electric fireplace flames and the flames you get with a traditional fireplace that uses wood as fuel. The flames in the Incanto model are also adjustable, so you decide how big they should be.