Incanto See-through 1000 hybrid fireplace

Incanto See-through 1000

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Product Description

Incanto See-through 1000

If you are going to start a fancy installation project in your house or new construction, you will never go wrong with an electric fireplace from the Magic-Fire brand. The design is spectacular, the technique is innovative, and there are plenty of benefits. Since a built-in fireplace like this creates the flames with the help of water vapor and light, you avoid a lot of maintenance, as there is with a conventional fireplace. No more getting firewood, emptying ashes, and cleaning your fireplace with this solution. This Incanto 1000 is a "see-through" model, which means that it is open on both sides. This makes it ideal for built-in projects where you have a wall as a room divider. This way you can experience the very lifelike flames on both sides of the wall and at the same time see what is happening on the other side. With a water tank of 2 x 2 liters, you get a calorific value of eight hours, so you will find that the fireplace consumption is quite modest. In addition, you only need to think about connecting a power source before this beauty is set up and running. There are many benefits to choosing a fireplace like this, and some of the most essential are these:
  • You do not require a chimney
  • The built-in fireplace is childproof - no one will suffer burns from the artificial flames
  • You can control the entire system with a remote control

Technical data


H: 63 cm x W: 120 cm x D: 55 cm


Glass Size


55 kg


Steel | Glass

Heat Output

No heat



Flame Technology

Magic Fire Water Vapour


Remote Control | App | Control Panel


450-480 W


Adjustable flame


Mistero 500

Power Supply

220-240 V

Burn Time

8 hours

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