Incanto 2500 hybrid fireplace

Incanto 2500

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Product Description

Incanto 2500 

With the Incanto 2500 model, you get all the benefits of using an electric fireplace. We often mention:
  • Realistic flames that you can not burn yourself on
  • Water and electricity as propellant
  • Control all the glory with remote control, an app, or via the control panel 

The Incanto 2500 model is designed as a built-in fireplace, and it gives a bold feeling of live fire. However, it emits no heat like a conventional fireplace, as it works using water vapor, which is illuminated with LED lights, which create very lifelike flames. The Incanto 2500 weighs 137.5 kilos, and it is one of the larger models you can find here on our webshop. With the construction of steel and glass, you get a modern and contemporary design that lasts for many years. The black powder coating fits well with the solid look. The Incanto 2500 model is the epitome of coziness, and you get rid of the traditional disadvantages that an ordinary fireplace gives, such as having to provide firewood, empty the fireplace of ashes, etc. Get the future straight home in the living room with the impressive Incanto 2500 model.

Technical data


Uden ramme: H: 63 x W: 270 x D: 47 cm | Med ramme: H: 69,5 x W: 270 x D: 47 cm


Glass Size


137,5 kg


Steel | Glass

Heat Output

No heat


Top Plate: Rustfri Steel| Frame: Black

Flame Technology

Magic Fire Water Vapour


Remote Control | App | Control Panel


1200 W


Adjustable flame


Mistero 2000

Power Supply

220-240 V

Burn Time

8 hours

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