Incanto 2000 hybrid fire

Incanto 2000

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Product Description

Incanto 2000

The Incanto 2000 model is physical quite a giant, and it is also the second-largest model in the Incanto series. With 220 centimeters in width, the Incanto 2000 is large enough to fill even larger living rooms, and with a weight of 110 kilos, you are guaranteed a solid fireplace. The water tank on this model is 4 x 2 liters, which ensures a burn time of up to 8 hours. The design of this Incanto model is reminiscent of the look of the other products in the series with the stainless steel top plate and the black, powder-coated finish. Incanto 2000 is suitable as a built-in fireplace, and this particular application is becoming more and more widespread. Especially about new construction that is climate-friendly, it is not always necessary to have an additional heat source, as the heating effect of these is limited if you compare Incanto 2000 with, for example, an ordinary fireplace. An electric fireplace like Incanto 2000 gives you the coziness you are looking for, with its very natural flames. It does not require a lot of maintenance like a conventional fireplace, where firewood must be obtained and ashes emptied. Also, it is worth noting that with an electric fireplace you do not have to think about having a chimney.

Technical data


Uden ramme: H: 63 x W: 220 x D: 47 cm | Med ramme: H: 69,5 x W: 220 x D: 47 cm


Glass Size


110 kg


Steel | Glass

Heat Output

No heat


Top Plate: Rustfri Steel| Frame: Black

Flame Technology

Magic Fire Water Vapour


Remote Control | App | Control Panel


900-960 W


Adjustable flame


Mistero 1500

Power Supply

220-240 V

Burn Time

8 hours

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