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Electric fireplaces in the highest quality with the most advanced technology. Evonic Fires is a British award-winning manufacturer of electric fireplaces. The headquarters are outside Stratford-upon-Avon and produce the most intelligent fireplaces in the industry. These electric fireplaces are connected as an App and can, therefore, be downloaded by Android and Apple.

Evonic Fire's electric fireplaces are characterized by the fact that they produce flames using LEDs. This LED effect, which is integrated into most of their electric fireplaces, is award-wining and is called evoflame®.

An electric fireplace from Evonic Fires is powered by various control systems. For example, it is possible to control the fireplace with an e-touch controller, which is an included tablet, as well as via remote control or telephone. With your preferred control unit, you can adjust the flame, switch the heat on/off, and regulate the temperature. In addition, the fireplace can be set with a 7-day timer function which enables the adjustment of day and time the fireplace should turn on and off.

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Wall hanging electric fireplace from Evonic fires

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